Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali Tour 3 Days

3 Days Adventure in Bromo Ijen – the Best Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali Tour. For your best experience visiting Indonesia, we have prepared the best course to explore one of the best vacation routes in Java and Bali Island. Our package will lead you to enjoy various beautiful spots in both places. To help you understand more about the pleasure and fun you will get from this trip, here is a detailed explanation of our Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali Tour package.

1st Day : Arrival/Pick up from Surabaya

We start the first day of our adventure from Surabaya. If you visit Surabaya from another country or area, we will pick you up at Juanda International Airport and start the trip. However, if you have already stayed at a hotel in Surabaya, we can start from there. 

The first day is the trip to Mount Bromo. To reach this place takes around 3-4 hours from Surabaya. Once you arrive in the Mount Bromo area, we will take you to the hotel there. You spend one night enjoying this place before we move to the next plan on the next day, climb Mount Bromo to see the beautiful sunrise scenery.

2nd Day : Mount Bromo – Sunrise

On the second day, you start the trip at 3 a.m. We need to start climbing at dawn to ensure you reach the summit of Mount Pananjakan to see one of the most beautiful sunrise scenery in the world. You will ride an off-road vehicle, which is a 4WD Jeep to go to the foot of Mount Bromo.

Then, you climb to the Pananjakan viewpoint on the top of Mount Pananjakan. You also can see Tengger caldera from that point. We will wait until the sun appears on the horizon. You will see a beautiful view of sunlight shine through the morning fog around the viewpoint. Enjoy the magical scenery when you also can see the light touch Mount Semeru, the tallest active volcano on Java Island, and Mount Bromo. Prepare your camera to capture this beautiful view.

The next menu after the sunrise viewing moment is another adventure to Mount Bromo volcano. You will see many popular spots here, such as the volcanic ash desert. In the middle of this place, there is also a Hindu temple. If you came to this place during the Hindu religious period, you also see the religious events and rituals here.

After we finished the adventure in Mount Bromo volcano, you will return to the hotel. We give you time to have breakfast, rest, and prepare for the next trip to Banyuwangi. Make sure you pack everything that you bring for this trip. You will not return to this hotel, so do not leave anything behind. 

Our next destination is Banyuwangi. The trip will take around 4-5 hours. We will also stop at the local restaurant for lunch. We depart from the Mount Bromo area in the morning or noon. So, the estimated arrival time in Banyuwangi will be around the afternoon.

3rd Day : Ijen Crater – Bali

The destination on day 3 of our trip is Mount Ijen. Similar to the Mount Bromo trip, we will pick you up from the hotel where you stay, at 1 a.m. Then, we started the trip to the slope of Mount Ijen. The time required to reach the destination is about 1.5 hours.

The first stop of this trip is the parking area around Mount Ijen. To reach the destination, which is the peak of Ijen Crater, we need to climb through the route that we pick for you. It will take around 1.5 hours. Therefore, prepare for your physical condition. Make sure you are healthy and wear proper clothes because it will be cold. 

Even though it will be a 1.5 hours long climbing trip, you won’t get bored. The scenery along the climbing route is beautiful. The air is also fresh, so you can climb without any problem as long as you make the preparation we told you above. 

The place we are going to visit is located 2883 meters above sea level. In this place, you will find out of the world scenery. The crater has a unique geographical structure that makes it looks like a fantasy world. It also has a sulfur lake in the middle of the crater. The color of the lake sometimes is reflected on the wall of the crater, which creates masterpiece scenery on this dome-shaped crater. You can only find this beautiful scenery here at Mount Ijen crater.

Other than the beautiful crater and sunrise scenery, Mount Ijen also holds another exciting view for you to see. It is the view of the sulfur miner working in this area. The area close to the center of the crater consists of high sulfur levels. Therefore, this crater is also a sulfur mine that has been around for many years. 

The most interesting part of this scenery is that these workers don’t use modern equipment to mine. They only use a pickaxe and carry the sulfur rock manually. They use a basket and fill it with several pieces of sulfur rock. Then, carry it on their shoulder to the top of the crater.

The path to the top of the crater is pretty much dangerous. But, they can walk there without any problem. They have been doing it for a long time, so they are used to it. Amazingly, this strong sulfur miner can carry about 80 kilograms for one trip. That is unbelievable.

Watching the sunrise and sulfur miner activity will be your activity in Mount Ijen with our tour package. After you enjoy these incredible views, we will return to the parking area at the foot of Mount Ijen. So, we suggest you prepare for the return trip.

Then, you will return to your hotel. You will have time to have breakfast and rest a bit before checking out. Once you do that, we will take you to the Bali hotel. It takes time. You will get to your hotel in the afternoon. That’s everything that you will do with our tour Bromo Ijen Tour. So, are you ready to have an adventure?


Day 01 : Arrival / Pick up from Surabaya

– Pick up from requested pick up location at Surabaya (hotel, Airport, Train Station)
– Transfer to Bromo,
– Check in Hotel around Bromo National park area,
– Rest and free leisure as individual activity

Day 02 : Mount Bromo

– Pick up by 4WD Jeep (private driver & car) early morning at 03.00 AM
– Driving to mount penanjakan (appx. 1 hour)
– Mount penanjakan, coffee break and sunrise sightseeing
– Back to parking area, going to Bromo sea of sand
– Park the car then walk to reach bromo’s crater
– Back to hotel
– Breakfast, check out preparation
– Going to Banyuwangi
– Check in hotel
– Rest and free leisure

Day 03 : Ijen crater – Bali

– Pick up at 00.00 AM
– Driving to Ijen basecamp (appx. 1 hour)
– Coffee break/safety briefing
– Ijen Hiking
– Blue fire and Ijen Crater sightseeing
– Back to basecamp
– Back to hotel, breakfast
– Check out, transfer to Ketapang Ferry port
– Check in ferry, going to Gilimanuk ferry port
– Drop off service to Bali Area


– Service & Tax
– Stay at Bromo area hotel (Lava View Lodge/Café lava Hotel) 1 night
– Stay at hotel in Banyuwangi (Ketapang Indah/ Santika Hotel/ Aston Hotel/ Illira Hotel)
– Private transport (full AC)
– Fuel, Parking, Donation, Retribution ticket
– Well experienced driver
– English speaking tour guide
– Mineral water during tour
– Breakfast at hotel
– Ferry Tickets Ketapang – Gilimanuk
– Drop off service to Bali area
– 4WD car to explore bromo


– Meals (lunch & Dinner)
– Entrance Tickets (Bromo & Ijen)
– Personal expenses

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Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali Tour 3 Days