21 Best Things To Do In Banyuwangi And You Will Never Forget

September 8, 2023

Banyuwangi is the largest district in East Java. Banyuwangi is on the eastern tip of Java Island, directly opposite the Bali Strait and Bali.

People have always known Banyuwangi to be limited to the Ijen Crater, but it’s actually much more than that. There are many hidden gems there that can be included in your vacation bucket list.

Let’s take a look at the 21 best things to do in Banyuwangi.

Hiking to  Mount Ijen 

The first best things to do in Banyuwangi is hiking to Mount Ijen to see the blue fire – if you are lucky. 

Ijen Crater is arguably the most famous tourist destination in Banyuwangi for tourists. Ijen Crater is famous not only for its beautiful green crater that offers stunning views but also for its iconic sulfur mining.

Ijen Crater also exhibits a unique phenomenon known as “Blue Fire”. This blue fire is formed from the burning of sulfur gas that escapes through cracks in the Ijen Volcano, which has a temperature of up to 600 degrees Celsius.

The blue fire phenomenon in Ijen Crater is the largest in the world, and the only other location in the world that experiences a similar phenomenon is Mount Dallol in Ethiopia.

Hiking to Ijen Crater itself covers a distance of 3 km with a travel time of about 1.5-2 hours, depending on your speed.

Due to the steep climb up and down the crater, as well as the thick sulfurous fumes, this activity is not recommended for:

  • Elderly
  • Pregnant women
  • People with disabilities
  • People with spinal dysfunction
  • Impaired liver function
  • Individuals with sensitive eyes
  • People with other serious medical conditions

If you are bringing children, it is important to be extra careful and reconsider. It is better not to bring children into the Ijen Crater.

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Hiking to Mount Raung 

Feeling bored with the monotonous type of vacation? Why not try a more challenging experience this time, like climbing Mount Raung. 

Unlike other volcanoes, the crater of Mount Raung has a very special elliptical shape, with a depth of up to 500 meters.

There are four peaks that you can challenge, namely Puncak Bendera (Flag Peak), Puncak 17 (17 Peak), Puncak Tusuk Gigi or toothpick peak(so-called because of the looming stone pillars), and the highest peak is Puncak Sejati (3,344 m).

The crater of Mount Raung is also the second largest dry caldera in Indonesia, after Mount Tambora. However, to be able to experience the uniqueness and beauty of the peak is not an easy task.

This is due to the extremely difficult terrain, with the trail being one of the most extreme in Java. Therefore, it is worth noting that this hike is not recommended for those who are beginners at this.

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Snorkeling in Bangsring Underwater 

Our next best things to do in Banyuwangi is snorkeling in Bangsring Underwater. Bangsring Underwater, also often referred to as “Bunder,” is a tourist destination based on fish and coral reef conservation.

This tourist spot presents the charm of stunning marine life, including naturally and artificially developed coral reefs. These coral reefs are home to a variety of fish.

Bangsring Underwater is located in the waters of the Bali Strait. This water area is famous for its stunning underwater natural charm. Visitors who come to this tourist destination not only enjoy its natural beauty but also get the opportunity to learn and gain an understanding of marine ecosystem conservation in Bangsring.

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Exploring Tabuhan Island 

Exploring Tabuhan Island is becoming the fourth best things to do in Banyuwangi. Tabuhan Island is a small island that is not inhabited or has no inhabitants. The island is located in the Bali Strait, the waters between the island of Bali and the island of Java.

Tabuhan Island has an area of about 5 hectares. Its natural beauty is extraordinary, with crystal clear sea water and wide white sandy beaches. The underwater life is mesmerizing, with a variety of marine life and stunning coral reefs. The island’s ecosystem remains natural and well-preserved.

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Go to the Beaches

Enjoying the beach is the next best things to do in Banyuwangi. And did you know that Banyuwangi has tons of beautiful and hidden beaches? Let’s take a look at them one by one. Rest assured you will fall in love at first sight. I bet you will agree with this. 

Red Island Beach

Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi has a unique characteristic in the form of a small hill located close to the shore. With a 200-meter-high hill that is reddish in color, this beach is known as Red Island Beach.

The hill is covered with green vegetation that conceals its red color. Additionally, there are coral formations surrounding this small hill. At dusk, you can enjoy a stunning sunset at Pulau Merah Beach.

The magic of the sunset at this beach is truly captivating. The area around the beach is kept clean and has fine sand.

Not only does Red Island Beach feature stunning sunset views, but it is also a popular spot for world-class surfers on Java Island. The waves in this area, which can reach heights of four to five meters, are ideal for surfers of various skill levels.

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Sukamade Beach

Sukamade Beach constitutes a segment of the expansive coastal region spanning 8.45 km2, nestled within the extensive 580 km2 Meru Betiri National Park. This locale holds significant ecological importance, as it serves as a critical sanctuary where sea turtles, arriving from the sea each night throughout the year, come ashore on the sandy beach to lay their eggs.

 While other beaches exist within the park’s confines, it appears that these turtles have chosen Sukamade Beach as their preferred nesting ground. The safeguarding of both the park and the beach is a continuous endeavor undertaken by vigilant park rangers. Furthermore, a dedicated turtle hatchery has been established to ensure the protection of the eggs.

Undoubtedly, observing these magnificent creatures arrive on land beneath the shimmering moonlight to lay hundreds of their precious eggs is a truly exceptional encounter. Typically, the green turtles make their appearance around 7.30 pm and return to the sea around midnight. 

To fully partake in this natural spectacle, it is recommended to spend the night at the local lodge. As dawn breaks, an opportunity arises to join the park rangers in assisting the newly hatched turtles as they embark on their inaugural journey into the expansive azure ocean.

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Rajegwesi Beach 

PRajegwesi Beach is located in the Meru Betiri National Park, so the scenic beauty is breathtaking. The beach is surrounded by tropical forests that still exude freshness and greenery.

Rajegwesi Beach features calmer waves when compared to most beaches in the southern region of the sea. Therefore, many residents around the beach work as fishermen and can sail in the shade.

The row of boats that adorn the shore also enriches the scenery at Rajegwesi Beach. The sand on this beach has a brown hue, a result of mixing with river silt that flows until it reaches the sea.

The presence of many fishermen leaning on this beach results in the beach area becoming crowded in the morning, with busy fish auction activities carried out by fishermen and buyers who want to obtain fresh fish catches.

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Green Bay Beach 

Green Bay is another fascinating wonder within Meru Betiri National Park. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of turquoise-colored water and a white sandy shoreline flanked by beautiful green forests. This is a quiet, clean, and peaceful place to immerse yourself in the sand. 

A small waterfall and freshwater stream provide a natural shower to wash off the salty seawater. Some monkeys may appear to greet you, but make sure not to feed them. Also, read the message on the beach at the entrance that reads: “Leave nothing but footprints. Do not take anything but photos. Let’s keep the environment clean to maintain its natural charm.”

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Wedi Ireng Beach 

Wedi Ireng Beach is located close to Red Island Beach and Green Bay Beach. Wedi Ireng Beach has a long coastline. The beach has two sides separated by rocks in the middle of the beach.

The natural conditions at Wedi Ireng Beach are still very natural. The sand is clean with a brownish-white color, the sea water is clear, and the waves are calm. The scattered coral reefs add to the charm of this beach to be more exotic and interesting.

Wedi Ireng Beach is still quiet and rarely visited by tourists due to its remote location. Around the beach, there are green hills that add to the beauty of the beach panorama. The ideal time to visit Wedi Ireng Beach is in the morning or afternoon.

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Senggrong Beach 

Referred to as Senggrong by locals, this destination is also recognized as the Blue Bay or Teluk Banyu Biru. Abundant with marine life, it hosts vibrant coral formations that provide a habitat for a multitude of fish and other unique and colorful sea creatures, making it an ideal location for snorkeling enthusiasts seeking to unveil an underwater paradise.

The allure of these crystal-clear waters isn’t widely appreciated due to its secluded location. Accessible solely by sea, it’s recommended to arrive between dawn and noon to circumvent the abrupt high tides that tend to occur in the afternoons. 

For those embarking on their journey around 2 o’clock in the morning, the possibility to witness sunrise amidst the ocean awaits. Furthermore, a conservation community actively safeguards the area, committing to preserving the sustainability of the underwater ecosystem. Their efforts span various endeavors, including the transplantation of coral reefs.

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Parang Ireng Beach 

Parang Ireng Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi.

The name Parang Ireng Beach is taken from the black rock that is said to be on the beach. According to Banyuwangi Ijen Geopark, Parang Ireng Stone is a type of ancient rock formed through the process of volcanism.

The beauty of Parang Ireng Beach is divided into two parts. On the right side of the beach, there is a rock formation with a very sharp texture. Another uniqueness is that this rock has a green color due to the growth of moss that surrounds it.

On the left side of the beach, there is a long stretch of white sand. The color of the sand has a brownish hue because it is formed from round grains, resembling peppercorns.


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Plengkung Beach 

Internationally recognized as G-land, Plengkung Beach is situated within the confines of Alas Purwo National Park. This coastal stretch is a haven for surfers and has gained global renown as the “Seven Giant Waves Wonder.” The beach is characterized by a sequence of seven colossal waves, each exceeding six meters in height, making it an ultimate destination for proficient surfers.

The “G” in G-land signifies Grajagan, the name of the bay where these imposing waves challenge the waters just south of Banyuwangi city. This shoreline is nestled on the fringes of a dense rainforest, offering a test of surfing prowess that is considered among the world’s most demanding. Owing to the substantial risks involved, tackling these waves is recommended exclusively for experienced surfers. For visitors, a surfer camp is available on-site.

However, for those not inclined toward surfing, the beach offers the perfect setting for sunbathing, allowing you to witness the captivating interplay between nature’s marvels and human athleticism in the realm of wave-riding sports.

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Visit the WildLife 

Banyuwangi is also famous for its wildlife. Let’s check this out: 

Baluran National Park 

Differing greatly from the vibrant green landscapes seen in other parts of the Java island, Baluran National Park stands in stark contrast. Situated on the easternmost tip of Java, this park is primarily characterized by expansive savannahs, offering a habitat where wildlife can roam unrestricted. 

Within this area, one can observe scenes of Javan water buffaloes, locally known as “banteng,” peacefully grazing, alongside the presence of the petite Java mouse-deer, referred to as “kancil.” 

Peacocks can be spotted, proudly showcasing their vibrant plumage while strutting around, while eagles soar gracefully overhead. Additionally, macaques can be seen utilizing their tails to skillfully fish for crabs, creating a captivating natural spectacle.

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Alas Purwo National Park 

Encompassing a vast expanse of 43,420 hectares, Alas Purwo Park is positioned on the Blambangan Peninsula within the Banyuwangi regency, located at the southeastern extremity of East Java. This peninsula directly gazes across the waters at the neighboring island of Bali.

The park boasts an assortment of ecosystems, including mangroves, savannahs, lowland monsoon forests, and beaches adorned with coral fringes. It holds the distinction of possessing some of the most untouched tropical rainforests, making it one of Indonesia’s most ancient and valuable natural treasures.

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De Djawatan Forest

Want to experience the feel of being in the Fangorn Forest in the movie Lords of the Rings firsthand? You can visit De Djawatan Forest located in Banyuwangi! 

This forest is a major attraction for tourists because of the lush trembesi trees and the effect of sunlight shining through the gaps in the leaves. This combination results in an amazingly beautiful natural scenery.

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Enjoy Waterfall 

After beaches and wildlife, it’s time to explore the waterfall. Banyuwangi is also home to several beautiful waterfalls. So our next best thing to do in Banyuwangi is to enjoy the waterfall. 

Coklak Waterfall

Congklak Waterfall emerges as one of the waterfalls hidden in the middle of a dense forest. With a height of about 50m, this waterfall shows a rushing stream of water that gushes between high cliffs.

The scenery of Congklak Waterfall is surrounded by large shady trees, creating a very natural atmosphere. Upon arrival at this location, the cool air will immediately greet you, while you enjoy the clear and refreshing waterfall.

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Pertemon Waterfall

Pertemon Waterfall features an incredible view where the water flows out through the gap of a high cliff, surrounded by large trees. Upon arriving at this location, you will immediately feel the cool, fresh, and calm atmosphere. 

The journey to Pertemon Waterfall is also very interesting, crossing coffee plantations and rice fields that give a green and natural feel.

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Eat Local Foods 

Your stay in Banyuwangi won’t be complete if you don’t eat traditional Banyuwangi food which is very tasty. You can try some of our recommendations:

Tempong Rice

Nasi tempong, or tempong rice also known as sego tempong in Javanese, is a typical dish from Banyuwangi Regency. It consists of a variety of boiled vegetables such as spinach, kenikir, and basil leaves, and comes with side dishes such as tofu, tempeh, fried corn bakwan, and fried jambal fish wrapped in flour.

All of this is placed around the rice, then drizzled with peanut sauce. The uniqueness of this dish lies in the distinctive aroma of kencur that comes from the chili sauce. It is also not uncommon for some variants of tempong rice to use spicy sambal terasi as a complement.

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Cawuk Rice 

If you like unique food, you can try cawuk rice or sego cawuk in Javanese. Cawuk rice  is a typical Banyuwangi breakfast menu that is usually served using banana leaves.

This meal consists of rice mixed with grated coconut sauce and roasted young corn shavings, and pindang fish sauce. The side dishes are pepes ikan laut, pindang egg, chopped tofu, and clover with lemongrass sauce. 

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Pindang Koyong

Pindang Koyong is a typical Banyuwangi dish made from fish. It resembles fish soup in general. The fish usually used in this dish is tuna or mackerel.

The spices used consist of ingredients commonly found in Javanese cuisine, including salt, sugar, pepper, cayenne pepper, shallots, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, candlenut, lime leaves, and starfruit. 

Belimbing wuluh has a role in removing the fishy taste of fish and adding freshness to the flavor of the dish.

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Enjoy the Culture: Kemiren Osing Traditional Village  

Banyuwangi is rich with culture, mostly with its native Osing tribe. In some places in Banyuwangi, the traditions of the Osing people are still preserved. One of the villages that still maintains Osing culture is Kemiren Village.

One of the tourist magnets that can be enjoyed when visiting this village is the continuity of customary traditions that have been passed down for generations. This is a major attraction as a visit to this location presents a lot of culture and art that is rarely found elsewhere.

In this village, you will find a variety of cultural performances such as gedhongan, gandrung dance, osing barong performances, as well as various types of arts typical of Banyuwangi, especially those synonymous with the osing people in this region. 

The local community’s specialty in maintaining the continuity of culture and tradition has allowed this artistic heritage to be passed down from one generation to the next.

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How To Get There 

Several international flights offer direct options to Surabaya, which can then be followed by a flight to Banyuwangi Airport, Blimbingsari using Garuda Indonesia or Lion Air. From Bali, there are daily direct flights to Banyuwangi.

You can choose to travel by car or train to Banyuwangi from Surabaya, a distance of about 239 km. Also, traveling by car from other cities in East Java to Banyuwangi is another option.

For those of you who want to travel from Bali, you can cross from Gilimanuk port to Ketapang port in Banyuwangi.

The best way to explore Banyuwangi is by renting a car from the airport or through a hotel/travel agency. Before embarking on the trip, make sure the vehicle you rent is in good condition, strong and comfortable, especially if you plan to pass through mountainous or savanna areas, although the path to get there is now well-built.

Useful Tips 

Traveling to Banyuwangi, East Java, offers a unique and captivating experience. Here are some useful tips to make your trip enjoyable and memorable:

Research and Plan Ahead

Before your trip, research the attractions, activities, and accommodations available in Banyuwangi. This will help you create a well-structured itinerary that maximizes your time and ensures you don’t miss out on any must-see spots.

Season and Weather

Banyuwangi has a tropical climate, so it’s important to consider the weather when planning your visit. The wet season typically lasts from November to March, while the dry season is from April to October. Pack accordingly, including rain gear if visiting during the wet season.

Cultural Etiquette

Familiarize yourself with local customs and traditions to show respect for the local culture. Modesty in clothing and being polite in interactions will be greatly appreciated.


While Bahasa Indonesia is the official language, English might not be widely spoken in rural areas. It’s helpful to learn a few basic Indonesian phrases or carry a translation app to assist in communication.

Health Precautions

Ensure you have vaccinations before traveling to Banyuwangi. It’s also advisable to bring insect repellent, sunscreen, and any necessary medications.


Banyuwangi can be reached by land, air, and sea. The Blimbingsari Airport serves domestic flights, and there are ferry connections from Bali and Java. Once there, consider renting a scooter or using local transportation for easy access to various attractions.

Currency and Payments

The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Credit cards might be accepted in larger establishments, but it’s advisable to carry cash, especially for smaller shops and local markets.

Local Cuisine

Banyuwangi is known for its culinary delights. Don’t miss the opportunity to try local dishes such as “Nasi Tempong” and “Sate Osing.” However, if you have dietary restrictions, communicate your needs clearly when ordering.

Respect Nature

Banyuwangi is home to diverse ecosystems, including national parks and marine reserves. When exploring nature, follow designated paths, avoid littering, and respect wildlife to help preserve the environment.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your trip to Banyuwangi and immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of this enchanting destination in East Java.

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Banyuwangi stands as one of Indonesia’s concealed treasures yearning for discovery. It beckons with its unspoiled natural allure, rich cultural tapestry, distinctive local offerings, and the warmth of its inhabitants.

Now that you have read our review, what are your impressions? Does the lure of Banyuwangi make you want to experience its splendor firsthand?

If you haven’t decided yet, take a look at what we have to offer in our tour packages. Don’t hesitate to contact us. The question remains: what is stopping you?