A To Z Of Ijen Blue Fire Phenomenon You Need To Know

December 5, 2023

Ijen Blue Fire Tour – have you ever heard of Kawah Ijen Blue Fire? This phenomenon has been popular around the world. Why? Because this is a phenomenon that happens only in 2 places in the world. For those who are curious about the blue fire phenomenon, having an Ijen blue fire tour is a good idea. Nothing can replace the experience of watching blue fire on the spot with your bare eyes.

So, why is fire blue? What causes blue flames, or how hot are blue flames? Those questions will be answered below. So, if you are curious about the answers, read along and increase your knowledge about this well-known phenomenon of the world. Are you looking for the Blue Fire Ijen 2023? This article will give you a to z of it. Well, let’s start it with the answer of what causes a blue flame

The Unique Blue Fire Phenomenon in Kawah Ijen

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For your information, Ijen Mountain is located in Bondowoso, East Java. This mountain is one of those favorite ones for mountain climbers. Those mountain climbers usually do not give up before they reach the peak. There is an indescribable satisfaction when they reach the top of the mountain and enjoy the view. 

The beauty of Ijen Crater is even more beautiful at night. The view you see will be a great cure for your weary. People usually will be willing to skip their night’s sleep for the sake of the blue fire phenomenon. 

So, what causes blue flames? Although the name of this phenomenon is blue fire, evidently, it is not a fire. It is actually the charcoal gas from the stones’ gaps with a temperature of about 600 ℃ that meets the surrounding temperature. This is what causes the blue fire. Now you have got the answer to the first and the last question, why is fire blue, and how hot are blue flames? Let’s go on reading. 

No wonder tourists visit Ijen Crater, because this tourist destination has the most exotic things to explore, and one of them is the Blue Fire Ijen. Be sure you have changed your mindset before visiting Ijen Crater because the beauty of Mount Ijen is not only can be enjoyed and explored at noon but also at night.

Although it might be an extreme temperature for some people, those who want to watch the amazing and lovely blue fire are willing to wake up and climb at 2 or 3 a.m. as the charcoal miners are working. So, ensure you have good health and stamina when visiting Ijen Crater. 

The contrast color with the night and dawn atmosphere makes it one of those rare moments that the visitors can enjoy. What makes it even more interesting is that this occurrence only exists in this area in East Java. 

How Much Is the Entry Ticket to See the Blue Fire Ijen?

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You do not have to worry about how much money you must prepare to enjoy Blue Fire because the entry ticket is so cheap that you won’t believe it. For local tourists, it is less than 10,000 rupiahs. To have a lucky moment watching the blue fire Ijen, the price is so cheap. 

For foreign tourists, the price is different. The entry ticket is 100,000 rupiahs. But this does not decrease the number of foreign tourists visiting Ijen Crater, because that price is still relatively cheap.  

The History of the Ijen Crater Explosion

Once upon a time, the area of Ijen Crater was tremendously wide. However, 3500 years ago, a big explosion happened. The explosion produced a twin mountain. Both of them are inactive volcanoes today. 

The name Ijen is a marker that the only mountain that has a crater is Ijen only, although there are other mountains that surround it. Ijen also means alone. It is taken from Javanese, while the other mountains surrounding it are Wurung Mountain, Raung Mountain, and Meranti Mountain. 

There Are Good Facilities in the Ijen Crater Area

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When you are heading to the main destination, you will not walk alone. There will be a tour guide who will accompany and direct you. Moreover, you will find good facilities there, such as toilets and mushola, a small mosque for praying. Those two facilities are the most important ones because we never know when nature is calling. 

If you choose to have a travel agent, that would be a good idea because you do not have to think about the details of your journey. They will prepare the whole thing for you. All you need to do is get ready with the luggage, your holiday budget plan, and your health and stamina. 

Your travel agent will choose the best hotel for you to stay in according to the budget available. However, if you are now looking for a trusted travel agent, you can contact us and discuss your passion for seeing the Ijen Blue Fire. We have a long experience dealing with and accompanying many tourists to see the phenomenal blue fire of Ijen Crater. So, you can rely on us and set aside all of your worries. 

You might now wonder, is blue fire the only amazing thing you can enjoy in the area of Ijen Crater? Of course not. Here are the other 4 attractiveness of Ijen Crater:

The Other Ijen Crater’s Attractions For You To See

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Besides the amazing blue fire, Ijen has other attractions that you must not skip when you are in this area. What are they? Here they are!

The Beauty of Sunrise and the Tosca Ijen Crater

If there is one best place to see the beauty of sunrise, Ijen Crater is the one. There you can see and record the incredible moments with your beloved. When the sun shines brightly, you will see the lovely Tosca crater that triggers you to touch it. Unfortunately, you cannot do that because the temperature is about 200 ℃. 

The Crater Dam and Solfatara 

Although the roads to these two spots are challenging, they do not lose their attractions. The dam crater is upstream of the Banyupait River, while solfatara, or the source of sulfur gas always produces a sharp fragrance of sulfur. That is why, people who visit these 2 spots are not allowed to be so close to them. 

Is that all? No, of course not. You can learn about charcoal mines straight from the miners. You can see how they work, how the charcoal is dug traditionally, and other manual processes. In Ijen Crater Area you can also enjoy culinary and shop souvenirs to take home. 

Now, are you ready for the Ijen blue fire tour? Be ready with your luggage, budget plan, and stamina. We will set everything up for your comfortable holiday tour. Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay blessed!