Bali To Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

October 3, 2019

Exploring a Tourist’s Package from Bali to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

A tour package can offer a memorable experience from Bali to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire. You can choose a fun package for family and friends from Bali. Talking about those two objects is always fun. You can imagine the beauty of two tourist’ objects in which it becomes an Indonesian icon. What is your feeling if you can enjoy a tourism tour in Bali and Kawah Ijen? Your holiday is surely fun and memorable.

The Details of Tourism Package from Bali to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

Bali is one of the best tourism places in Indonesia. You will find natural and artificial tourism’ spots here. You can have fun on the beaches and pay for your curiosity on the Balinese traditions. Even, you can see both amazing sunrise and sunset. In Kawah Ijen located in Banyuwangi, it is close to Bali so that you can explore both easily. In this tourism place, you can see the beauty of the milky way and blue fire, of course, you only see in this place. It is a unique phenomenon that you will never see the other places.

If you join a tourist’s package from Bali to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire, it is getting cheaper and more efficient because you can explore two places in one package. It usually offers a memorable tourist trip starting from Bali. After having a holiday in Bali, you can go to Kawah Ijen located in Banyuwangi. To arrive at the location of Kawah Ijen, you don’t need much time. The trip will be covered in two days and one night only. If you are curious, you can take this tourist’s package.

Following A Fun Tourist’s Package from Bali to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

This package offers two tourism days. The first day is starting a tour in Bali. You can explore some amazing tourist’s places in Bali such as beaches, temples, lakes, and watching Balinese dances. After you explore some places in Bali, it is time to go to Banyuwangi. You will cross with a boat. Before arriving, it is better to check your stuff. After landing in Banyuwangi, the tourists will get directed to the closest village with Kawah Ijen. You can find an inn and eat satisfyingly. You can take a rest for a while before continuing your trip the next day.

The second day is started. Your fatigue will be forgotten when you arrive in Kawah Ijen Blue Fire. Early in the morning, you will get directed to the tourist’ object of Kawah Ijen Blue Fire. After sleeping soundly, you will be woken up at 00.00 am to do climbing and trekking. It is started from Paltuding post. It is a climbing starting point to reach Kawah Ijen. You will spend time 1 to 2 hours to reach Kawah Ijen based on the stamina of trekkers. At the Kawah Ijen, you will forget your tiredness and fatigue because you will see the beauty of Kawah Ijen. You will see a phenomenon of blue fire, a burning activity of sulfur. The blue fire is combined beautifully with the milky way. Of course, it becomes a favorite object for photography in Kawah Ijen. A trip from Bali to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire will never be failed.