Guide To Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Waterfall Tour

July 10, 2022

Mount bromo ijen crater waterfall tour is a tourist trip to catch the sunrise at the highest peaks of Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen, Mount Bromo is in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. Both have their own uniqueness. Bromo Crater which is located between the widest Caldera in the middle of a stretch of sea of ​​sand and Ijen Crater which has Blue Flames among sulfur mining and its lake with Blue Sapphire nuances. In addition to the 2 (two) popular mountains in East Java, in this tour package, you will also visit the popular waterfall in Probolinggo, Madakaripura Waterfall.

What To Do on This Trip

Penanjakan 1

Mount bromo ijen crater waterfall tour guide will accompany you to see the sunrise in this area. You should not miss the opportunity to see this natural phenomenon. Make sure you don’t oversleep. Therefore, you should choose a hotel that is close to this tourist area.

Penanjakan 2

Still seeing the sunrise, you can see it on this hill. This hill is an alternative choice when Penanjakan 1 hill is full of tourists. That way, you can still see the sunrise in a different area but have the same natural beauty.

Whispering Sand (Sea of Sand)

The sound of sand being swept away by the wind will sound like whispering sand. That is why this area is named the whispering sand. You will see natural beauty such as the desert in this area. This area is also an intermediary between Mount Bromo and the Savanna.

Kingkong Hill

It is only 2.5 km from Penanjakan 1 hill. Kingkong Hill is an alternative choice of hill to see the sunrise. The uniqueness of this hill is that there is a cliff that resembles the face of a kingkong on the side of the hill

Mandakaripura waterfall

Bromo Ijen Tour includes visiting Madakaripura Waterfall, which is one of the waterfalls in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. Madakaripura is placed as the highest waterfall on the island of Java. With a height of about 200 meters, this waterfall is also the second highest in Indonesia.

This waterfall is also known as the eternal waterfall. A natural tourist destination that has been open since 1991. The Waterfall area at the foot of Mount Bromo is believed to be the place of Gajah Mada hermitage.

Ijen crater and blue flame

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Waterfall Tour will not complete without going to the Ijen fountain of liquid magma complex to see the well-known “blue fire”. Your aide will get you at your lodging and take you through the wonderful woods’ scene and up the mountain, where you’ll be able to see the blue fire burning