Ijen Crater Description

June 17, 2018


Ijen Crater Description: Acidic Crater Lake on Top of a Volcano

Climbing Mount Ijen will offer you an unusual but beautiful view of acidic crater sited on top of the volcano. Find the Ijen Crater description in this article to know it more.

ijen volcano blue flame

About Ijen Crater Lake

Ijen Crater Lake is very popular among tourists, both domestic and foreign. The crater is located on the peak of Mount Ijen in East Java, Indonesia. The mountain is an active volcano that makes the appearance of the crater becomes more unique. The crater comes with a beautiful color of turquoise that makes everyone who looks at it soon fall in love. Kawah Ijen is acidic crater lake which lies along 1 km. The acid makes the crater is surrounded by sulfuric smoke.

For local people, Kawah Ijen also benefits them in a different way. They use it as sulfur rocks mining site to provide them with additional income. Every day, they carry down baskets of sulfur chunks by hand.  The chunks are usually taken from the bottom part of the crater. When climbing the mountain, you will find many local people with their sulfur rock loads in their hand along the track.

Ijen Crater description and appearance is amazing. It is an active crater with diameter reaches 2,369 feet. The size of the lake makes it is acknowledged to be the largest acidic volcanic crater lake on the Earth now. Though the sulfur smoke can be very dangerous, it doesn’t make the number of tourists who visit the lake lower. This is because the natural view offered by the crater lake is exceptionally wonderful.

What You Can Find in Mount Ijen

Besides its amazing acidic crater lake, Mount Ijen is also popular with other attractions. Most people choose to climb the mountain at night due to the sunrise they can enjoy the next morning. You will never forget how beautiful it is when the sun peeps through the high mountain surrounded by identical red and orange color of the sky that usually comes with it. Standing high at the top of the mountain with fresh air breezes on your face is truly amazing.

In the mountain, you can also enjoy one of the rarest natural phenomena in the world. There will be a “natural blue fire show”, you can only enjoy the beauty of the Blue Flame Crater late in the morning just before the sun shows up. Thus, the best time recommended for you to start your journey to the crater is by midnight.

You can depart at about 1 AM from affordable hotels you can easily find at the slope of the mountain. You can either walk to the mountain or reach it by riding hardtop. If you choose to do the later, there will be local people who drive and guides you along the journey. But, you will not be taken to the mount’s peak with the hardtop. You will be dropped just below the mountain and then climb through a ladder to reach the crater.

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