Ijen Volcano Information

July 27, 2018

Ijen Volcano Information

Ijen Volcano Information

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Ijen Carter in Banyuwangi, East Java becomes one of the favorite destinations, especially of “blue fire” phenomenon that you can see from the top of Ijen Mount. To be able to enjoy this beauty scenery in Ijen, there is Ijen Volcano Information that you should know first before you go there.

Tips to visit Ijen Carter

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#1 the best time to visit is month after December, the blue fire will look clear and the leak will look blue instead of green

An expert tour guide said that the best time to visit Ijen is after Desember. At this time, the intensity of fog in the Ijen Crater is lower and visitors are able to see the blue lake and blue fire without a haze as well. When the fog is high, the blue fire will look hazy and tends to dim. Meanwhile, the lake is located in the surface is completely look green even in fact it’s blue.  If you want to enjoy Ijen with calmer atmosphere, then it’s better not spend your time in the New Year eve. At that time, Ijen was at the peak of visit. So, it’s highly recommended to go on regular day between January and February to enjoy the best scenery.

#2 it’s better to exercise first before start hiking

In addition, the route to the carter is quite extreme for visitor who rarely or even the first time of hiking. The route will take 1.5 km to the crater and you will find the steep road. So its better if visitors do some exercises or sports to stretch their muscles before start hiking. There are several exercises that you can try, such as jogging before visitors take a step to the sand-covered route.

#3 start your trip at 12 AM, so visitors can be more relaxed

Another thing to note is to start your trip at night. Visitors are advised to start hiking at 12 AM so the trip can be more relaxed instead of being rush. The route to Ijen Cater takes two to three hours, including of 3 km uphill trail and 700 meters down route to the carter. The down road to the base carter is not easy to be passed. This is a path made by sulfur miners and built from the random stone fragment which resembles the ladder.

Of course, the surface is not being as comfortable as you are stepping on regular stairs. There are several stairs might be easy to pass, then few meters ahead you needs to think which step that you can take. Even the situation can be more difficult when there are so many visitors and the visitors have to queue and surely take longer time as well. Moreover, when the visitors start to step down to the carter, they should share a pace with sulfur miners who carrying dozens of sulfur on the back. In other hand, the blue fire only can be enjoyed before the sun rises and brighter. After visitors enjoy the blue fire, then they continue their trip to enjoy beautiful sunrise.

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