Important Things To Know Before Joining Ijen Crater Tour

July 13, 2020

East Java is one of the tourism divas in Indonesia with so many tourists from inside and outside the country. Maybe, one of the most famous cities for tourism in the province is Malang. But do you know that Banyuwangi also has many stunning spots to visit? One of the most popular spots in Banyuwangi is Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater.

Ijen Crater is a crater in Mount Ijen with its typical panorama. Indeed, to get there, you must do some effort, including climbing the mountain, which is not really easy. But when you have been on the top, there is nothing but amazed with the view. The most popular view in Ijen Crater is Blue Fire. Blue Fire is a phenomenon of flame in blue naturally produced by sulfur. This phenomenon can only be seen at night anyway. Meanwhile, the crater is surrounded by water in Tosca as well as white cliffs that make the entire Ijen landscape look great.


Yes, Ijen Crater Tour is related to mountain tourism. You must prepare yourself since the temperature is very cold up to 2 degrees Celsius. That’s very good actually since you must climb the mount. This way, you will find yourself feeling warmer. Furthermore, the sky and stars look much brighter in this area. This is such an incredible experience for sure.

The Route to Reach Ijen Crater

To reach the crater during the Ijen Blue Fire tour, you can start your journey from Banyuwangi, particularly a small area named Patulding. There is a ticket counter that opens even at 01.00 in the early days. Sure, you can buy and order tickets anytime you want.

There is only one climbing route with a time duration of around 3 hours from Paltuding to Ijen Crater. However, the duration can be more or less based on your conditions and how many times you stop in the route. If you want to watch Blue Fire more clearly, you need to arrive at the spot before 04.00.

As information, the route to pass through to reach Ijen Crater is quite tiring because the entire path is climbing only, not any way down. Visitors who have no experience in climbing mountains before may need extra energy. That’s why; it is recommended to train your body at least a week before the trip.

Activities during Ijen Crater Tour

Sure, everybody who joins the Ijen Tour Package must want to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Make sure to prepare a camera so that you can perpetuate every precious moment there. Interestingly, this tourist spot has so many facilities to support all your activities there. Even around the ticket counter, there are small food stalls and restaurants for you who want to recharge your energy before climbing.

You should not worry about your activities being disturbed since public toilets are available with good conditions. The parking area is quite large to load various vehicles even if you get there using a big bus. It is recommended to bring your own mask from home when going to Ijen Crater. But in case you have no idea about it, you can rent it in some stalls provided around. The mask is used to avoid sulfur smell that is indeed quite poisonous.

Climbing the mount to reach Ijen Crater is a good thing to do. However, if you really don’t want to do it, there is a chance not to walk. For example, you are not strong enough to do so; there is a group of traditional vehicles to rent. There is a cart that is pulled by some people to help you reach the top.

Aside from watching the beautiful view of Ijen Crater, it is also possible to see the activities of local people in sulfur mining. The sulfur mining activity is done in the morning after you have enjoyed Blue Fire and beautiful sunrise. Before going back home, make sure to buy some typical souvenirs of Ijen Crater. There are beautiful crafts made from sulfur pieces sold around.

Tips to Join Ijen Crater Tour

Ijen Crater is a very stunning place to visit for sure. You can gain so many experiences there that must be unforgettable. But aside from enjoyment, it is also not a very easy place to conquer. As you have read in previous points, well, you must climb and it is an area of sulfur that can be dangerous if you are not careful. Therefore, make sure to follow some tips below for your own safety and comfort in the place while learning about Ijen Crater description.

First of all, wear warm clothes since the temperature in Ijen is very low and cold. You even must wear a kind of mountain jacket since this wear is thin, light, but very warm. Prepare also additional stuff like a scarf, hats to warm up your head, and more. For footwear, hiking sandals or shoes are recommended since you will really climb a mountain there.

Second, bring your own snacks, the sweet ones are more recommended like chocolates and cookies. Such foods are practical but bring you additional calories and energy that you need. Of course, you must bring your own tumblers also. Having 2 tumblers is better; the first tumbler is to keep warm or hot drinks while the second one is for mineral water.

Third, a safety mask must be prepared. If not, you can go inside the crater area. Although it is very good if you have it yourself, not all people may have this special mask. Therefore, you can rent it even from Paltuding. If you are forgotten, local people may offer it for you with a cost of IDR 30,000 per item. It is recommended also to still bring a conventional cloth mask for extra protection.

Fourth, bring important tools and devices like a camera, a flashlight, and even a headlamp. Sure, it is because the climbing activity is conducted at night. Aside from those things, you should not bring too many other things since it may burden you during the trip.

Lastly, make sure to follow instructions from the staff. If you are forbidden to enter a particular area, you must follow it. Well, there must be something that happened like a storm and others that can danger yourself.