Mount Bromo And Mount Ijen Trip With A Little Side Trip

September 28, 2022

East Java holds many beautiful places for traveling. Its range is varying, from beaches to mountains. The cultural site and historical place are also available in the easternmost province of Java Island. This province offers a full course of the adventure you can try. However, if we have to mention two of the most popular tourist destinations, the answer would be Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen.

The Charm of Two Mountains

Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen hold a unique charm that will complete your adventure in East Java. Both of them are the destination for the climber who seeks a challenge. Or, a family who is looking to spend their holiday outside the house also visits those two, frequently.

Mount Bromo is well-known for its gorgeous sunrise view. People even call it the most beautiful sunrise in the world. It would be hard to describe without seeing it directly from the famous viewpoint across Mount Bromo, the Penanjakan viewpoint. 

The scenery combines the beautiful view of the sunlight coming from the sun behind the cloud, the geographical structure of Mount Bromo, and the fog that slowly crawls under the feet of Mount Bromo. The fog also gave birth to this viewpoint nickname, the land above the cloud.

Moreover, Mount Bromo also offers another excitement for its visitor in the form of a volcanic ash desert. People can explore this desert; listen to the whispering sand phenomena, and visit the Hindu temple in the middle of the desert. The available transportation is also something that people like. The adventurer can enjoy this place on either horse or a 4WD car.

Mount Ijen also has beautiful sunrise scenery. But, this mountain is well-known for its scenery that occurs before the sun shines its light. In the middle of the darkness of night or dawn, tourists can enjoy the magically beautiful eternal blue flame, which comes out from the middle of its crater. 

After the sun starts the day, the visitor also can see the activity of the local miner. Mount Ijen is known as the sulfur mine. Interestingly, these miners mine these yellowish rocks from the bottom of the crater and carry them out of the mountain on foot. It is all about amazing manpower and determination.

Traveling from Mount Bromo to Mount Ijen

The tour agency mostly includes both mountains in one tour package. The distance between Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen is only 140 km, which is close enough for one day’s travel. Furthermore, there are many interesting places to visit along the road between the two mountains. If you are interested in visiting these two mountains, please continue reading.

The distance of 140 km only needs one day of travel. However, we do not recommend you to spend two days climbing both mountains. That will only task your body more. You need a base camp after you climb Mount Bromo and before you climb Mount Ijen. The standard base camp location is Banyuwangi city, which is located 35 km from Mount Ijen.

The tour package mostly will have a trip to Banyuwangi then stay overnight there before climbing Mount Ijen. Therefore, it is an essential place where you can prepare everything. It also provides better safety and experience to enjoy climbing by staying at this base camp.

How about transportation? The tour agency will provide a private car for you. However, if you travel alone without using a tour agency service, the train is the best choice for reaching both mountains. The best way to start is from the base camp of Mount Bromo. Many climbers choose three cities as the starting point before they climb this mountain, which is Probolinggo, Malang, and Surabaya. 

Fortunately, you can get a direct line from those three cities to Banyuwangi, the base camp for Mount Ijen climbing. Depending on the type of train you take, the location of the base camp for Bromo climbing, and the class, here are the times you will need to travel to Banyuwangi. Probolinggo (4.5 hours), Malang (7.5 hours), Surabaya (6 hours).

We recommend the train for transportation because it is not only comfortable and can travel directly to Banyuwangi. The train is also the cheapest solution for this trip. Therefore, you can save more budget and travel comfortably on it. 

If you want to get more comfortable transportation and don’t mind spending more, buses are the best choice. You can take the executive buses, which are available for any city in East Java. It might be a bit pricier than the train. However, you will get the most comfortable transportation here.

The Side Trip Destination 

As mentioned earlier, there are many places you can visit between the trips from Mount Bromo to Mount Ijen. One of the popular destinations for the Bromo-Ijen side trip is Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls. The name came from the local language, which means “a thousand waterfalls.” It describes the waterfall formation that consists of many small waterfalls that flow into one river branch on the bottom part of the cliff.

This beautiful waterfall is around 100 km south of Mount Bromo. The exact location is deep within the forest. To reach this waterfall is indeed not an easy feat. But, the beauty that is revealed after that harsh trip will erase all fatigue and stress. In short, it is worth visiting.

The base of the trip to the waterfall is located around a 5-hour drive from Surabaya. Or, if you choose Malang as your base camp, you only need a 2-hour trip by car. The entry point for Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls is Lumajang city. Then, you will reach the starting point of the climbing. 

The best transportation is a private car. If you need a more adventurous vehicle, you also can try renting a motorbike. However, our recommendation is to use an organized tour package. It will give you comfortable private care with a driver that knows everything about the road between base camp and Lumajang.

For saving more budget and time, Malang is the best choice for your base camp. We also have a tour package that helps you to travel to this waterfall from this city. Or, if you have already stayed in Surabaya, we also have another tour package for you. Our tour will last for four days, taking you to all destinations we mentioned above, Mount Bromo, Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, and Mount Ijen.

Using Public Transportation

As for those who love traveling alone, public transportation is also a good transportation choice for visiting Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls. Here, we have an example of the trip from Malang to this waterfall.

* Take a full-AC bus from Gadang Bus Terminal in Malang,

* Get off at Sidomulyo Village (the driver will tell you when they reach this place). You can see the entrance of the waterfall from this place.

* Trip to the starting point and start climbing.


A trip to Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen, plus Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls, will give you a complete set of the best adventures in Indonesia. We recommend using our tour service for an easy and non-complicated traveling process. Make sure you confirm the details of your accommodation in Malang before departure with our tour, so we won’t have any problems during the trip. Then, enjoy your trip!