Mount Bromo Tour From Singapore

January 21, 2020


Best Time to Visit Mount Bromo

The dry season is the most ideal time to visit Bromo. Those who come in the rainy season will consider the sun rise or sunsets to be less beautiful because of the fog. Nonetheless, visiting Teletubbies Hill’s lush greenery is a much nicer sight if you visit on rainy days.

Mount Bromo is always busy, even outside the time of holidays. Foreign tourists usually visit the area on weekdays, but local residents often fly on weekends.

How to Get to Mount Bromo

From Singapore to Mount Bromo there are four ways: ferry, flight and taxi. A combination of ferries, flights and cabs requires around six hours 26 minutes; it is the quickest way of travelling from Singapore to Mount Bromo. You can also take other methods like flying directly from Changi airport to Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, then take a cab to reach Mount Bromo. Even more, you can fly to Malang, which is closer to Mount Bromo, so that you can start your journey faster.

Tour Procedure

You will be picked up by the drivers from the Juanda International Airport in Surabaya or your Surabaya hotel and drove about 3-4 hours to the Bromo District.

Around 3:00 a.m., the 4WD (JEEP) brings you to Mount Pananjakan on the edge of the Tengger valley, to watch the world renowned sight of the sun rising from top to bottom and to see the caldera’s usual fog with its young volcanoes such as Mount Bromo and the active Mount Semeru. A trip will continue later to active Mount Bromo. Then find your way back to the hotel for tea, take a shower, get your bags ready, get back to Surabaya or Surabaya.

Facilities in Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo tourists will be housed in many Surabaya hotels. We normally leave Surabaya in time to see Mount Penanjakan at around midnight at the sunrise. You can rather sleep in one of the tiny hotels and guest houses in the mountain. The top end of these are the Bromo Cottages in Tosari. The rooms and facilities are very basic but convenient to live for half a night. The wake-up call from the reception desk arrives at 3.30 a.m. 45 minutes ‘ journey to the lookout. Transfers to and from Surabaya can be handled by Bromo Cottages.

This is also the list if you want to stay in a hotel next to Mount Bromo for a night. Note that the meals such as lunch and dinner, your travel insurance and personal expenses are not included:

– Tax
– Service
– Staying a night at Lava View Lodge, Bromo Permai 1, or Cafe Lava Hotel
– Hotel-provided breakfast
– Full private transport with including AC, petrol, and parking fee
– Trip to Bromo using 4WD Jeep
– Trusted driver(s) with lots of experience
– Local guides who speak English
– Entrance ticket(s) to Bromo

Activities in Mount Bromo

In addition to looking at the spectacular sunrise on mount Bromo, you can do a lot of activity on Mount Bromo. For example, you can consider visiting nearby villages like Ngadas and Gubugklakah, or enjoy the beauty of Madakaripura in Probolinggo regency or Coban Pelangi in Gubugklakah. The most recommended time to visit the villages is when they are holding festivals such as during Hari Raya Karo and Unan Unan. As it is not held every day, you have the chance to observe the local culture and customs. 

Meanwhile, Coban Pelangi is known for its rainbow in front of the waterfall during midday. It is accessible by foot as it is 1.5 kilometers from the entrance gate. As for Madakaripura, it is the second tallest waterfall in Indonesia, which can be accessed by one-hour walk.

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Mount Bromo Tour From Singapore