Mount Bromo Tour Package Price

February 28, 2020

Mount Bromo Tour Package Price

If vacation time has arrived, then don’t waste your time staying at home. Travel to various interesting places in the world. If you intend to visit East Java or Indonesia, then one of the recommended tourist attractions is Mount Bromo. This mountain has a height of 2,339 meters; not the highest, but very popular because of the beautiful scenery. The following is the Mount Bromo Tour Package Price and itinerary for 2 days 1 night.

Day 1: Arrive and pick up in Surabaya

For your convenience, this package has facilities to pick you up in Surabaya, the main entrance to East Java, Indonesia. You can choose the pick-up point, i.e. at the airport (Juanda International Airport) or at the hotel where you stay. After that, you will go directly to the area of ​​Mount Bromo with a travel time of about 3 until 4 hours. After arriving, you will be taken to the inn for rest.

Day 2: Exploring the Mount Bromo Area

The activities will begin at 3:00 AM. You will be riding a Jeep (4WD) car to get to the first destination, which is Mount Pananjakan. You will see an enchanting sunrise view on this mountain because it has a background of Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, and a mesmerizing fog. The journey to Mount Pananjakan is also full of the charm of the Tengger caldera.

After satisfied seeing the sunrise, you will be taken to Mount Bromo. You can do many things here, such as taking pictures, taking a walk, even riding a horse. Satisfy yourself with the atmosphere of Mount Bromo. After that, you will return to the hotel to have breakfast, take a shower, and get ready to return to Surabaya. In Surabaya, you can choose to be dropped at the airport or the hotel.

Tour package price

  1. 2,170,000 IDR per person (for 2 people per group)
  2. 1,745,000 IDR per person (for 3 people per group)
  3. 1,525,000 IDR per person (for 4 people per group)
  4. 1,613,000 IDR per person (for 5 people per group)
  5. 1,703,000 IDR per person (for 6 people per group)
  6. 1,572,000 IDR per person (for 7 people per group)
  7. 1,511,000 IDR per person (for 8 people per group)
  8. 1,430,000 IDR per person (for 9 people per group)
  9. 1,395,000 IDR per person (for 10 people per group)

Mount Bromo Tour Package Price will be calculated per person who takes part in the tour. There are packages for 2 people, 3 people, and 4 people. The price of the package ranges from IDR 1,525,000 to 2,177,000 IDR per person. If there are more than 4 people in a group, then you can contact the Contact Person to get further price information.

Facilities included in the package

  1. Lodging for 1 night (at Lava View Lodge or Bromo Permai 1 or Cafe Lava Hotel)
  2. Breakfast
  3. Full AC private car (Surabaya-Mount Bromo-Surabaya)
  4. 4WD (Jeep) type car
  5. Experienced driver
  6. Local guide with good English skill
  7. Ticket to Mount Bromo
  8. Petrol and parking fees
  9. Donations
  10. Tax

With the price of the package that has been stated before, you already get various types of facilities that are adequate so that your trip is enjoyable. You will get a shuttle service from Surabaya (pick-up point) to Mount Bromo, and vice versa, with a comfortable, fully air-conditioned car. The package price also includes lodging around Mount Bromo for 1 night and breakfast in the morning (day 2). The service to Mount Bromo will also be very easy because you will get a Jeep (4WD) type car. For the driver, both car drivers who shuttle in Surabaya and for Jeeps to Mount Bromo, have excellent driving skills.

You will also get a local guide with excellent and professional English skills. Also, the price of this package includes the price of admission ticket to Mount Bromo, the cost of gasoline, parking, and includes taxes. Following this package also allows you to donate because the price of the package includes donations for those in need.

Facilities not included in the package

  1. Lunch, dinner, and snack
  2. Personal expenses
  3. Travel insurance

Mount Bromo Tour Package Price does not include lunch and dinner (breakfast only). However, you do not need to worry because you can buy it around lodging in the Mount Bromo area. There are many types of food and varied price ranges. The price of the package also does not include your expenses. Also, the price of this package does not include travel insurance.

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Mount Bromo Tour Package Price