Mount Ijen Weather: What You Need To Know About It

February 27, 2023

Do you want to know more about the weather at mount Ijen? Mount Ijen is a beautiful mountain that you can find in Banyuwangi Regency of East Java, Indonesia that is a must-visit for any hikers or mountain-loving people. It has one of the most fantastic views of any mountain, and it also has a unique aspect to it that draws so many people to Mount Ijen. There are many breathtaking sights that you can view from the crater of Mount Ijen. It is safe to say that there are many reasons why many people want to visit Mount Ijen, however, there is something that could bother you about Mount Ijen, which is the weather.

Exploring Ijen Crater – An Unforgettable Natural Wonder

You may be afraid of the Mount Ijen weather and want to know more about it. You may have some questions regarding the weather at Mount Ijen, such as whether or not it is too cold, the recommended time you go to Mount Ijen, or if you should wear heavy clothing while you are hiking Mount Ijen. If any of those is one of your questions, then do not worry about it for too long. We will tell you all you need to know about the weather at Mount Ijen. Now, without too many problems, let us first talk about the general condition of Mount Ijen.

Is Mount Ijen Cold?

To start with the first question that is the most crucial one of them all, is the weather at Mount Ijen cold? After all, almost every mountain on earth is cold due to mountains naturally being higher compared to other places, therefore being of colder temperature because of the atmosphere. So, is Mount Ijen weather cold?

The answer to that question is yes, even though Mount Ijen is located in Banyuwangi-East Java nearby Bali Indonesia, one of the few countries on earth that have two seasons and is infamous for being hot. The weather in Mount Ijen can get quite cold because the mountain is above sea level, which makes it quite chilly before sunrise. It is safe to say yes, the weather at Mount Ijen is quite cold, especially before the sun rises. Therefore, you are advised not to travel to Mount Ijen without preparing beforehand to deal with the coldness of the weather at Mount Ijen.

To be more specific, the temperatures in the early morning of Mount Ijen can drop below 7 degrees Celsius (or 45 degrees Fahrenheit). Because of this, Mount Ijen can be pretty chilly before the sun rises, helped with the fact that Mount Ijen is an exposed mountain, so it may get windy, which does not help with the coldness. Thankfully, however, after sunrise, the weather at Mount Ijen warms up a bit, so you do not have to worry about the mountain being cold all the time.

What Can I do to Protect Myself from the Weather of Mount Ijen?

While the weather of Mount Ijen is not the worst type of weather you can deal with on the mountains, it is still uncomfortable to travel to Mount Ijen without any clothing, especially if you are hiking there during sunrise. Thankfully, because it is not too cold, all you need to do to prepare yourself to travel to Mount Ijen is to dress in layers but not too heavy clothing. Because you are hiking up a mountain, that will warm you up, and if you are wearing heavy clothes, that may make it too hot.


In conclusion, the Mount Ijen weather, while pretty cold, is not the worst weather on a mountain. While it is advised you travel to Mount Ijen with layered clothing, you are not advised to wear clothing that is too heavy. It could cause overheating while you are hiking up, which is not worth the risk.