The Unbelievable Adventure You Should Try In Mount Ijen Crater

July 4, 2022

Indonesia is one of the unique countries based on its geographical location. This country is located inside the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is a string of volcanoes that spread on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, Indonesia is also located in the spot where the three world’s tectonic plates meet, the Eurasian plate, Indo-Australian plate, and Pacific plate.

Because of that unique location, it is not surprising that you can find hundreds of active volcanoes in Indonesia. Each of them holds the danger on its own. However, many of them become one of the best spots for you who love climbing and sightseeing. Among hundreds of active volcanoes in Indonesia, one of them can be considered magical because of the extraordinary scenery you can see. It is Mount Ijen.

Why Mount Ijen is Unique?

One of the reasons why this mountain becomes a center of attention is the blue flame. The flames that come out from the center of the crater create one of the most beautiful sceneries made by nature. In the daylight, you won’t be able to see it. You have to wait until the sun hides behind the horizon to see the beauty of blue flame dancing in the air.

Because of this beautiful scenery, many travel agencies provide a tour package that allows you to climb this mountain and enjoy it directly there. However, the requirement to see it in the dark creates a unique itinerary, where you start your climb in the middle of the night. Mostly, the tour also includes sunrise sightseeing, so you will start around midnight, climb, and then wait until sunrise.

The popularity of Mount Ijen’s blue flame did not appear by itself. It started when National Geographic made a report about the existence of this blue flame. The locals knew about it for a long time. But, up until the National Geographic cover, the blue flame was hidden from the world. Now, many people from other countries find out about this unique scenery and visit this mountain every year. That also is one of the factors that contribute to the increase in tourist visits in East Java and Indonesia, in general.

The Sulfur Mine

Another interesting thing you also can find in Mount Ijen is the sulfur mine. The crater has one of the highest levels of sulfur in the world. You can see it spread around the crater’s interior. The yellowish rock along with the thick fume that came out is the sign of the mine. The more interesting view here is the miner itself.

Many people work as the sulfur miner here. Moreover, many of them don’t use modern equipment or proper protection when they are mining sulfur rock. They only wear thick clothes and fabric masks. Some of them have industrial-type masks. But, many of them still work without that protection.

They also carry the heavy sulfur rock manually to the top of the crater. They use traditional baskets placed on their shoulders. The weight of the sulfur rock they carry could easily reach 70 kg (around 155 lbs). Then, they climb a rocky path from the bottom of the crater to the top.

So, if you visit this mountain and see the sulfur miner activity, make sure you give them away when they try to pass through the route you use to climb down. It is a small path, so you should let them pass through first. And, if you have extra cash, try to buy the sculpture art made of sulfur rock from them. Even though it is cheap, that can help their daily expenses.

Other Interesting Things You Can See at Mount Ijen

Blue flame and sulfur mine are not the only interesting things you can find on this mountain. Inside the crater, you also can see a beautiful turquoise lake. The shape is beautiful. But, we need to remind you that the water is poisonous. Therefore, you should be careful when you approach it. Make sure you only see it from afar to avoid any danger.

The crater of Mount Ijen itself is also beautiful. The shape and structure are unlike any rocky cliff or formation you can find in other places. The volcanic activity in the past creates such a unique and even weird shape of the crater. Many tourists said it is like entering a fantasy world in the crater area. The sunrise scenery is also one of the best things you can find here. As we mentioned, your travel agency will most likely add this activity to your tour. The sunlight that shines upon the lake and the rocky crater rim create one of the most beautiful and magical sceneries you have ever seen in your life. Do not forget to use your camera to capture the photo.  

How to Go There

Most of the time, you will stay at the hotel in Banyuwangi. Then, you can start the trip at midnight. The destination is the Paltuding parking area at the foot of Mount Ijen. This parking area also becomes your base camp for climbing Mount Ijen. You can prepare everything here, including food and equipment, especially a flashlight, because you climb it at dawn.

The climbing route is not that challenging. But, it could be physically tiring because it takes around 1.5 hours to climb from the base camp to the viewpoint at the Mount Ijen crater rim. So, try to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the trekking route. Then, after you arrive at your destination, we believe the gorgeous view of the blue flame will take away all your fatigue.


Mount Ijen is one of the best destinations you can choose for your adventure in Indonesia. Make sure you use the best travel agency that provides everything you need, such as accommodation in Banyuwangi, a guide for climbing, transportation, and meals and drinks. Prepare yourself as well. Make sure you are physically fit. Now, you are ready to climb Mount Ijen and see the beauty of the blue flame.