Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package: Things To See When Joining The Tour

July 16, 2022

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour package, are you interested to join it? Mount Bromo is one of the most popular mounts in Java Indonesia. Well, it is reasonable. The mountain has a beautiful landscape mainly if you can reach the summit. It is recommended also to climb the mountain early to watch the Golden sunrise.

To enjoy the beauty of Bromo is not a difficult thing nowadays. Many tours and travel agencies have provided packages for it. Aside from visiting Mount Bromo, the package commonly includes some other places including Ijen Crater. So, what is Ijen Crater and why should you go there? Here is the explanation.

Stunning Blue Fire

You can choose the Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour 3 days to see some attractions in East Java anyway. Well, Ijen Crater itself is a phenomenon with stunning blue fire that you can watch at night. Yes, it should be at night so that the dazzling blue color can be seen more clearly.

The natural phenomenon to see during the Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour package is considered rare. You can watch only 2 natural blue fires in the world. One of them is in Ijen while another one is somewhere in Iceland. The blue fire occurred as a result of the mix of sulfur and oxygen.

While being in the Ijen Crater area, make sure to follow the instructions given. Yes, no matter how beautiful the Crater is, it is still a fire that is very dangerous if you are too close to it and not careful.

Wear All Safety Gear

You should not get closer to the Crater for the sake of your own safety. But it is not the only thing to obey when visiting Ijen Crater. Since the sulfur is also toxic if you inhale it too long, you must also wear all the safety gear.

One of them is the mask that is equipped with an air filter. The mask prevents you from inhaling dust, sulfur, and other toxic gas in the crater area. Sure, since the mask is quite rare to have personally by visitors, you can rent it in stalls before entering the area.

The area of Ijen Crater is also very cold at night. Yes, as it is located on the top of Mount, the temperature tends to be very cold. So, make sure to wear jackets, scarves, and gloves for extra protection. This is how you can enjoy the Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour package even more.