Itinerary To Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 3 Days: An Ultimate Guide

July 14, 2022

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour is a good option to take if you want to have the best experience exploring the mountain. 3 days is an ideal time to spend if you don’t want to miss anything from the Mount Bromo sunrise to Ijen Crater Blue Fire attractions. Let’s take a look at the itinerary of a 3-days package tour to make the most of your time in Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater.

Mount Bromo Tour

Depending on the tourist destinations that you want to enjoy, there will be some itinerary options you can take, including the Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Waterfall tour. There are some waterfalls you can find around Mount Bromo that are not only popular for their beauty but also for the atmosphere offered. Some of these most-visited waterfalls are Madakaripura Waterfall and Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. Coming to these waterfalls, you will be taken to a wonderful place to escape your busy, “unstopped” world.

Mount Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour

Mount Bromo offers not only one but many interesting tourist attractions with the Milky Way, Sunrise, and Ijen Blue Fire Tour on top of the list. Due to the altitude, Mount Bromo at night is a perfect place for stargazing. Hence the Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater tour is so popular. 

Many photographers, both amateur and professional choose this tour to get the best pictures of the Milky Way. On the nights when the sky is nice, you can see many people trying to find the best position on Mount Bromo to get the best images. As for the best time for this Milk Way tour in Bromo, tourists are suggested to come to the mountain around March to October.

Aside from the Milky Way tour, there is also the popular Ijen Blue Fire tour. This is an ideal option to take if you want to enjoy an amazing view of eternal blue fire which is said to be very rare to happen. Many people have also joined Mount Bromo camping Ijen Crater tour for this purpose. Moreover, the best time to enjoy this beautiful phenomenon is at night. To this day, there are only two places in the world that has an eternal blue fire, Indonesia where Mount Bromo lies, and Iceland. Thus, you will be so lucky if you can witness this very rare natural phenomenon when having a Mount Bromo tour.

3-Day Mount Bromo Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Surabaya – Bromo 

Your first day of the Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour will be started from Surabaya. There will be a team that will pick you up in any location of your preference in the city, including Surabaya International airport, train station, and hotel. The team will take you to a hotel at Ngadisari Village or Cemoro Lawang Village in a private MVP family car. These are the closest villages to Mount Bromo and the trip to reach them usually needs about 3-4 hours. Heading to the hotel in these villages will be the very first itinerary of your Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour 3 days.

Once you reached the hotel, you will be given some time to take a rest before starting your Bromo Kawah Ijen Tour at 10 PM. From your hotel, you will take a 4WD jeep to one of the most popular viewpoints in the mountain, the Milky Way photography spot. As the name suggests, it is a special place where you can take what will be the most amazing pictures of Mount Bromo.

After 45 minutes of driving from your hotel, you will reach Pananjakan Hill or Kingkong Hill viewpoint to witness jaw-dropping views of Mount Bromo Milky Way (Stargazing). To reach the top of the hill, you need to go trekking right after the jeep parking. If everything goes smoothly, you can start the galaxy photography at Pananjakan Hill as a part of the first day of your Mount Bromo Ijen tour and end the activity at 5 AM.

Day 2: Bromo Sunrise and Crater Tour

On the second day or right after Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater Tour, you will continue your adventure by enjoying one of the best sunrise moments on earth. Most of the time, the sun at Mount Bromo rises at about 5.10 AM. Once you see the light on the horizon, breathtaking views like Bromo Sea, Mount Batok, Bromo Carter, and Mount Semeru volcano summit from afar are soon revealed in this Mount Bromo Ijen tour 3 days

Your Mount Bromo sunrise tour on the second day will end at about 6 AM. With the same 4WD jeep, you will continue your Mount Bromo Crater tour trip to the Sea of Sand. From the parking area, you need to complete the trip by trekking for about 45 minutes. As an alternative, you can use a horse ride to take you to the crater.

This Mount Bromo Ijen Tour package ends at 8 AM. At this point, you will head back to your hotel to have some rest, take shower, and have breakfast. Then, you need to pack your belongings and proceed to Kawah Ijen located in Banywangi.

Day 3: Ijen Blue Fire Tour

You will head to the Ijen Base Camp in Paltuding from your hotel at about 1 PM. The trip for this midnight itself usually needs 1.5 hours of driving to complete. From the Paltuding, an experienced and professional guide will take you to the summit of Kawah Ijen Volcano rim through 2-hour trekking. Here, you will find out stunning views of Blue Fire Ijen Volcano.

When morning comes, you can enjoy another beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain. Also, make sure that you don’t miss another beauty offered, the famous yellowish sulphur. At 7 AM, the guide will take you back to Paltuding. Then, you will return to your hotel for breakfast and prepare to check out at 10 AM. As this Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 3 days over, a team will transfer you to Bali or drop off to Surabaya.

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Itinerary To Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 3 Days: An Ultimate Guide