Things To Know About Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater Tour In East Java

July 15, 2022

Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater tour is a tour in Bromo tourism, looking for 2 natural phenomena, the cluster of million stars at night and a beautiful crater namely Ijen. Particularly the milky way cluster can only be seen perfectly at certain times. So, this tour package cannot be enjoyed anytime. Make sure to connect with the tour agent well to know when you can see this phenomenon.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour

The Milky way tour in Bromo is still on a new program that starts to be popular only in 2016. Previously, there were only some groups of tourists who accidentally watched the beautiful sky scenery when visiting Bromo. With the development of social media, many of them posted photos of the Bromo Milky Way on their account. Later, this new tourist attraction is getting more and more popular.

Unfortunately, the milky way landscape on Bromo’s sky doesn’t happen anytime. Of course, you must go for it at night since it is impossible to watch clusters of stats at noon. Besides, you should pay attention to the weather forecast to know if tonight, it will be cloudy. It is even suggested not to watch it when there is a full moon. The bright light from the moon will distract the shine of the cluster.

When watching the milky way in the Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater tour, there are also some tools you need to prepare. Make sure to bring a camera or smartphone. More importantly, those tools have been set up with manual focus capture. Well, it is because the photo session will be done at night when the environment around is dark. Don’t forget also to bring your tripod to make sure the tour camera is still in a stable position.

Ijen Crater Tour

After enjoying the beautiful milky sky in Bromo, the next destination if you join the Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour 3 days is the Ijen crater. Ijen Crater itself is located in Banyuwangi and it is indeed quite far from the Bromo location although both are still in the same province.

In the crater, there is the natural blue fire, a very rare phenomenon. It is called Blue Fire as you can see the real blue fire on the ground. There are only 2 places in the world to see it. One of them is in Ijen and another one is in Iceland. As information, the phenomenon occurs for the gas reaction from the mix of sulfur and oxygen. So, are you interested in the Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater tour?