The Reason To Join Mount Ijen Tour When Visiting Bali

March 27, 2022

Bali offers a lot of beautiful and challenging destinations to explore. One of them is exploring volcano mountains, including Mount Batur, Mount Ijen, and Mount Agung. You can try to explore Mount Ijen when it is your first-time joining Mount Ijen tour for a volcano hike.

The spectacular acid lake, blue fire, and crater give you memorable experiences. As a result, you want to explore other volcanoes in Bali. The reason below will ensure you join the volcano hike tour to Mount Ijen.

Kawah Ijen Crater

Most travelers are curious about the blue fire at Kawah Ijen. This blue fire is coming from the acid lake. The blue fire is not the only attraction you can see when getting into Kawah Ijen Crater. You can also see the wonderful scenery of other volcanoes and hills once you arrive. Prepare your energy because you are about to take a walk for about 1 hour to reach Kawah Ijen base camp.

Then, you still have to take a walk for about two hours to reach the peak of Kawah Ijen. It is a challenging tour because you are about to visit an acid lake there. Because of that, your guide will remind you to wear a gas mask.

This protective gear helps to protect your lungs from sulfuric gas. The carter is below the peak of the volcano. The best time to visit this acid lake is at 4 a.m. The condition is not too dark. You can see the beauty of the blue fire, along with the sunrise at about 5.30 am. Ensure that you get a comfortable spot to enjoy this spectacular attraction.

Acid Lake

The lake looks beautiful from a distance, but you have to be careful. It is an acid lake and one of the deadliest lakes. Imagine that the acid can decompose your skin in only 15 seconds. Indeed, you are not allowed to swim in this lake. You can only put your hand in the lake for a few seconds under a guide’s supervision. Ensure that you don’t touch your eyes even if you are about to cry. 

Mount Ijen Tour Itinerary

Pick up Time

Our professional driver will pick you up from the location to your Bali hotel around 10:00 PM to start. The time varies depending on your pick-up location. You will arrive at the Bali hotel on the next day at about 3:00 PM.

Go to Mount Ijen

You will start the Mount Ijen tour at midnight. Get yourself ready because you are about to hike to the top of the volcano. Be careful because the route is a bit dark.

It takes one hour to achieve the largest acidic crater lake. Enjoy the lake while waiting for the sunrise and blue fire. The blue fire looks extremely beautiful at 4:00 AM. Take your camera and capture the blue fire. Sunrise is also wonderful and it starts at 5.30 am. The atmosphere is so different when seeing the sunrise from the top of Mount Ijen.

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Breakfast and Return to Hotel

You have 3 hours to enjoy the outstanding views and spots on Mount Ijen. Then, We will take you to have breakfast in Banyuwangi city area. Our guide gives you one hour to finish the breakfast. Then we will drive back to your hotel in Bali

Things to Bring to Join Mount Ijen Tour

You have to bring several things to enjoy the Mount Ijen tour maximally. For example, the weather on the mountain is so cold. That’s why you should wear a warm outfit, such as a jacket, long sleeves, and others. We recommend you wear several layers of clothing. You can take off your clothes when the sun comes up.

The weather is a bit warm when you see the sun. You are about to take a walk, so ensure to wear comfortable shoes. Sneakers, walking boots, and thick shocks are suitable for this trekking. It prevents colds and injuries. Remember to bring enough water supply. You have to stay hydrated during this tour.

Sunscreen is also a recommended item to bring to enjoy this Mount Ijen tour. The temperature may change drastically from cold to warm after sunrise. This extreme condition may affect your skin. That’s why you should apply sunscreen to prevent any skin problems or irritation.   

Tips to Enjoy Mount Ijen Tour

You are about to enjoy the natural attraction. Because of that, you have to be strict with the schedule. This tour may a bit hard if you are not a morning person. If so, you have to imagine the beauty and experience you get when getting into the peak of the volcano.

It makes you have a goal to wake up earlier even if it is hard to do. Bring your best camera to get the most outstanding events and spots on the peak. Follow all the instructions, including bringing all the items you should bring.

The information is crucial not only to keep you comfortable but also safe during the Mount Ijen tour. Ensure that you are in a healthy condition, eat all food, and drink enough water. Stamina is critical in this tour.

Best of all, you will get the most unforgettable experiences while exploring a volcano in Bali. Then, you can post your incredible photos or videos and tell your experience with friends. Indeed, your friends will also want to try to visit this volcano.