3-Days Itinerary Of Bromo Ijen Tour From Bali

January 12, 2023

For you who love adventures and climbing mountains, Mount Bromo is a mountain you should never miss. Mount Bromo is one of the best places to witness the beautiful sunrise. Also, it has the famous Kawah Ijen, which is a vast, beautiful crater. Bali Java Holidays Tour & Adventure offers a great adventure tour from Bali to Bromo and Semeru volcanoes.

If you join this tour, you will spend 3 days in total. Here is the itinerary of Bali Java Holiday’s 3-days Bromo Ijen tour from Bali.

Day 1

The driver will pick you up at around 7.30 AM to 8 AM with a comfortable private car. You will be driven to a ferry port where you along with your guide take a ferry to Java. It approximately takes around 5 hours from Bali to Java. So, you will be arriving in the last village of Bromo around late afternoon.

Then, you have free time to explore the surrounding areas or take a rest to prepare for a night climb to Mount Bromo.

Day 2

On the second day, your adventure will start at dawn at 3:30 AM. You need to wake up early in order to chase the sunrise. You will depart from your hotel with an off-road 4×4 jeep. Then, you and the guide will climb to the peak of Mount Bromo to reach the King-Kong viewpoint at the altitude of 2,650 meters.

At the viewpoint platform, you will see and enjoy the gorgeous sunrise over Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, and Mount Semeru. Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru are active volcanoes, with the latter the tallest volcano in Java islands. Once you have enjoyed witnessing the stunning sunrise and view, you will head to the sea of sand.

It is called the sea of sand because the place is full of volcanic ashes and debris due to eruptions. After that, you will visit the sacred Hindu temple at the foot of Mount Bromo. You can enjoy the surroundings of the temple, which is dedicated to the gods living in the crater. If you are adventurous, you can go up a narrow, steep path and climb 250 stairs to reach the peak of Bromo.

There, you can witness the beauty of the smoking crater as well as listen to the sounds coming from the entrails of the Earth. You can also see sulfur vapours spreading from the depths of the volcano. Continue your journey by exploring the villages, landscapes, and plantations. Once you have enjoyed exploring, you can have your lunch and dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 3

Your journey on the 3rd day will begin at midnight. The driver will pick you up at your hotel at 1 AM for an hour drive to Kawah Ijen. Once you arrive at the basecamp, you will get a briefing about safety and the provision of essential equipment, including a gas mask, lamp, and others. Then, you will start your night climb at 2 AM.

Professional, experienced guides will lead you to the peak at the altitude of 2,300 meters through a pretty mountain trail. It will take around 1,5 hours to 2 hours of trekking to reach the summit of Kawah Ijen volcano. Once you have reached the top of the crater, you will witness the most memorable phenomena in your life, called the blue flames.

You will go down into the crater of the active volcano in total darkness to see the blue flames. The guides are mostly former sulfur miners and porters so that they are knowledgeable about the crater, ensuring your safety. They will make sure that you wear the protective mask, as well as provide continuous guidance and help.

After watching the spectacular blue flames, continue your trip by witnessing the magical sunrise at around 5 AM. You definitely must not miss capturing the moment. Around 6 AM to 7 AM, you will go back to the base camp. Then, you can explore the surroundings for a second. After that, you will go down the slopes of the volcano to have a delicious breakfast at the hotel.

You will take a ferry again to go back to Bali, which your arrival in Bali is expected to be at around 4 PM to 5 PM.

– Tax and service
– Stay at Banyuwangi Hotel for 1 night
– Stay at Bromo Hotel for 1 night
– Breakfast at hotel
– Private full AC transport
– 4WD Jeep to Bromo
– Experience driver
– English speaking guide
– Ferry boat ticket (return)
– Gas masks & headlamps (Ijen trekking)
– Petrol, fee parking, & donation

– Entrance fee ticket to Ijen & Bromo

– Meals (Lunch & Dinner)
– Personal Expenses

(Destination and duration can be MODIFIED)

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3-Days Itinerary Of Bromo Ijen Tour From Bali