4 Unique Spots To See In Mount Bromo

January 27, 2021

Talking about mounts in Indonesia that are popular in the realm of climbers, it seems Mount Bromo must not be missed out. The mount is located in East Java and the slopes stand up in some cities including Malang. More than just a good place for trekking and hunting sunrise, the mount has some points and attractions to visit. If you are visiting Bromo with travel agencies, they commonly give you an itinerary with some attractions only. The more days you spend in Bromo, the more places you will visit. Well, if you are just blind to places or attractions in Bromo, some recommendations below may help you.

mount bromo penanjakan view@cultuwe

Bromo Penanjakan 1

One of the most favorite places in Bromo is Penanjakan 1. At least, this is based on the confessions of many climbers who have been there. From this point, you can see beautiful rows of some mountains around. They are wrapped in beautiful clouds and golden sunshine if you go there at the right time. Besides, from this spot, the golden light of sunrise is at the best, very suitable for photography. Arriving at Penanjakan 1 must be in the morning around 3:00 a.m. to witness scenic surprise. Coming earlier is even better to get the best spot to enjoy the views around.

Bromo Pasir Berbisik

PasirBerbisik means the whispering sand. It refers to an outlay of sand field in the area of Bromo. The sand field is really large, reminding you of some scenes in the movies. While it is indeed quite hot there, the sand field area is also really lovely and beautiful. It is a good place if you want to take some artistic pictures in Bromo. As information, this spot was once being a setting of a popular Indonesian movie with the same title. After the movie was played in the theatre, many people come to PasirBerbisik just to see the beauty.

Bromo Teletubbies Hill

You must not be a kid just to know how Teletubbies hills look like. Yes, in the Teletubbies series, 4 Teletubbies live in a meadow with many small hills in green. It just looks scenic and peaceful. Interestingly, such a place can also be seen in real life. If you have a chance to visit Bromo, make sure to go to this spot. The green meadow with hills just looks like in the world of Teletubbies can be seen and enjoyed. Make sure to take some pictures to perpetuate your beautiful moment here.

Mount Batok

Mount Bromo is unique for many reasons. One of them is because of the presence of Mount Batok right on its summit. This is what makes people just want to climb to the top despite seeing the sunrise and the sand outlay. So, if you are good at climbing, make sure not to miss this moment. You can go up to the top to see Mount Batok surrounded by the cloud and golden sunrise. Well, even if you are too tired to climb, you can rent a vehicle or a horse that is provided in this area.