7 Stunning Spots To Visit In Ijen Blue Flame Tour

July 26, 2020

Ijen Blue Flame Tour, are you interested in joining it? Banyuwangi is one of the towns in East Java that is probably not as famous as Surabaya or Malang. However, it doesn’t mean that the town is not worth visiting at all. In fact, it has so many hidden paradises to see at least once in a lifetime. The most popular one is Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater with its Blue Flame phenomenon.

Sure, Ijen Crater is not the only spot to go for when in Banyuwangi. There are still some other places around that are stunning and incredible. To enjoy them all, you need to join the Ijen Blue Fire Tour. So, what are the places included in the tour? Check them out.

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Ijen Crater

Well, this place has been mentioned before. When joining the tour, of course, there is a guarantee to see the crater. Ijen Blue Fire is located on the top of Mount Ijen that can be accessed from a starting point namely Paltuding. Sure, to get the top you must climb the mount although it is also possible to rent a traditional cart that is pulled by people. Climbing the mount may be tiring since it spends around 3 hours, passing through an uphill road.

But if you have been on top, all the tired feeling is gone. There is an amazing view from the natural blue flame produced by the sulfur element. The landscape around is incredible also with its Tosca crater water and white cliffs. Sure, since the flame can only be seen at night, at the same time, you can watch stars in the sky more clearly. Make sure to prepare all gears well including the safety mask, warm clothes, a flashlight or headlamp, and more.

Ijen Crater Waterspring

Not too far from the location to watch the blue flame, there is a water spring of Ijen Crater. This place is highly recommended to visit in the Ijen tour package. In the morning, after going down from the mountain, tourists can bring back their stamina that has been used up. Okay, the sulfur element itself is indeed dangerous if you are not careful. That’s why; on the top of Mount Ijen, you must wear a safety mask.

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But magically, sulfur water has so many benefits for your health. It is clinically proven to heal skin problems like itch and allergy. Meanwhile, fatigue and body pain can be cured as well. Sure, after enjoying the water spring, you can continue the tour with a healthier and better body condition.

Blawan Waterfall

Blawan Waterfall is in the same location as Ijen water spring. As information, both are located in Kalianyar Village, Sempol, Bondowoso. Bondowoso is a district that is next to Banyuwangi so it can be said that both are still in the same area. Although the water of Blawan Waterfall is cold and fresh, different from the water spring that is hot, it still contains sulfur, making them give you almost similar benefits. Well, the water spring one is better, indeed.

The Ijen Blue Flame tour includes this spot also because of the beautiful scenery around the waterfall. It is surrounded with high cliffs and bushes. The combination is very refreshing to see. That’s why; people just love to come here to relax their minds. Furthermore, Blawan Waterfall is also a habitat for Macadamia, a kind of rare nut plant that only grows in a few places.

Kali Pait Waterfall

This tourist object is actually one of the nearest spots from the main location, Ijen Crater. However, many tourist agencies often miss this place out because of other spots that are more popular. But if there is a chance, sure, you must go to Kali Pait Waterfall. This waterfall is different from others since the water flows here tends to be warm and full of sulfur content. Meanwhile, the waterfall is surrounded by typical crater rocks that are very colorful and scenic. It really looks like the Ijen crater description.

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Since the waterfall is placed still near the top of the mount, you must be really careful. Yes, the sulfur content of the air is still quite high. Therefore, the tour guide or staff may suggest you wear the safety mask. Besides, the area is sometimes closed for public when the weather and conditions like hard rain and storm.

Kalibendo Waterfall

Yes, around Ijen Crater, there are indeed so many waterfalls in which each of them has its own uniqueness and characteristics. The next waterfall is Kalibendo Waterfall that is located in Kampung Anyar Village. The waterfall’s height is around 10 km with straight water flow, making it look like a curtain as you look at it from a distance.

Kalibendo Waterfall can be visited before or after from Ijen Crater. If you want to visit it before the crater, it is better to come in the afternoon for a while before in the evening, you prepare yourself to climb. You can also go there after the crater. However, the tour commonly suggests you go to other places like Blawan Waterfall.

Plengkung Beach

After enjoying freshwater from many waterfalls mentioned above, this is time to go to the beach. Plengkung Beach is included in Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi. The distance from Ijen Crater is around 11.9 km. Interestingly, this beach is one of the most favorite surfing spots in Indonesia.

Plengkung Beach is known also as G-Land. The wave is said to be one of the best in the world. The height is up to 5-6 meters with a length of 1-2 km. Uniquely, in a certain time from June to July, there is a phenomenon of unique waves in which they form formations of 7 wave layers. Sure, it is reasonable if the beach is said to be heaven for surfers.

Sritanjung Garden

Banyuwangi provides a recreational garden for families that is located only around 13.3 km from Ijen Crater. The location is in the middle of Banyuwangi’s town center. So, it is really accessible in which you only go to the area of Pendopo Banyuwangi District.

So, what is to see in Sritanjung Garden? There is the layout of the flower garden that is very beautiful and refreshing to see. A pond with fountain is built up also, making you feel more relaxed when seeing it after going down during the Ijen Blue Flame tour.