Ijen Blue Fire Tour

November 3, 2016

Ijen Blue Fire Tour

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Ijen Blue Fire Tour: a Two-Day Tour Itinerary to the World’s Best Rare Eternal Blue Flames. Ijen Crater on top of Mount Bromo Indonesia does not only offer the beauty of natural acid lake view but also wonderful eternal blue flames. This Ijen Blue Fire tour is a two-day tour to make the most out of your adventure to Ijen Mountain. The tour will allow you to enjoy the best spots in Mount Ijen with excellent services to offer.

Day 1 – Picking Up from Your Hotel in Bali

On the first day of the tour, the trip will be started right from your hotel. A professional and experienced driver will pick you up at your hotel in Bali at 9 am. The driver will take you to Gilimanuk port on a convenient vehicle with air conditioners. After 6 hours of journey, you will continue the trip by taking a ferry from Gilimanuk Harbor. Then, you will cross Bali Strait on a ferry for about an hour to Ketapang Harbor in Banyuwangi, East Java. It is a nice trip to take since you can enjoy the amazing landscapes of rural West Bali along the way to Ketapang Port. A lunch menu consisting of delicious cuisines will be served at a local restaurant on the way to your hotel. Once the ferry reaches Ketapang Harbor, you will be taken to your hotel and stay there overnight before continuing your trip to Mount Ijen.

Day 2 – Ijen Blue Flames Tour

Your Ijen Blue Fire tour will start very early in the morning, at about 1 pm. This is to make sure that you will get the best spot to view one of the most epic sunrises on Earth from the top of Mount Ijen. Not only that but the eternal blue flames will also look gorgeous while it is still dark. Your hard journey to reach the tourist destination will be soon paid off once you see the flames. You need to know that Ijen Blue Fire is a very rare phenomenon. There are only two places on Earth with this phenomenon, one in Mount Ijen and another one in Mount Dallol, Ethiopia. That is why you are so lucky to have an opportunity to see this amazing phenomenon. On your way to the mountain, you will pass through rainforests and plantations on a 4WD vehicle (jeep). The trip to the slope of Mount Ijen itself will last for an hour from the nearest village, Kemiren. Then, you need to walk for about another 1 to 1.5 hours to ascend Mount Ijen and reach the amazing Ijen Crater. Here, you will see the giant sulfuric acid lake. The crater also has an amazing turquoise color with a scenic view as the background. After enjoying a great time in Ijen Crater, the tour guide will take you to descend Mount Ijen and go to the parking area where the jeep is waiting for you. Then, you will get back to Kemijen Village to have breakfast and take the same route to go to your hotel in Bali in the afternoon.

Include Package

Ijen Blue Fire tour package has many things to offer to tourists. These include a comfortable and private full AC transport that will take you to Mount Ijen along with a friendly and experienced English-speaking driver. Once you reach the mountain, there will be a professional and well-manner English local guide who will accompany you during the tour. Some other things included in the tour package are a 4WD vehicle to Ijen Crater, stay 1 at a hotel for 1 night, breakfast at the hotel, entrance free ticket to Ijen Crater, free parking, petrol, and donation.

Exclude Package

However, you need to keep in mind that Ijen Blue Fire tour package doesn’t include the following things:

– Travel insurance
– Personal expenses
– Meals, including lunch and dinner

(Destination and duration can be MODIFIED)

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Ijen Blue Fire Tour