Best Mount Bromo Tour

January 1, 2020

The Best 2 Day Mount Bromo Tour for Holiday

Do you have a plan to go somewhere this holiday? Well, if you are just bored with tourist destinations like beaches, why don’t you try to go to the mount? You should not worry. Going to the mountainous area doesn’t mean that you must have enough experience in climbing and adventuring. As long as you choose the right mount and travel agency, your trip will not be too tiring. But sure, you should still prepare things like a healthy body and warm outfit. Yes, a mountainous area will always be cold.

One of the ideas is going to Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo can be accessed from some cities and towns in East Java, Indonesia. One of them is Malang. Meanwhile, its location is not too far from the capital city of the province. To go there from Surabaya, you only need to take around 3-4 hours. For a 2-day 1-night Bromo Tour, here it is the itinerary.

Day 1 : Arrival

On the first day, you will be picked up by a driver from our tour agent. It depends on where you are. But mainly, you can wait for the pickup at Juanda International Airport or Gubeng Train Station. Have you been spent your time in a hotel in Surabaya? You should not worry. It is possible for the driver to pick you up as long as you send the location clearly.

From Surabaya, your trip will be continued to Cemoro Lawang Village. As information, Cemoro Lawang Village is the nearest spot to see Mount Bromo and the sand of the sea, still in the area of Bromo. So, on the trip to reach your hotel or inn, you may have seen those tourist destinations although you may not stop there. After around 3 hours of the trip, you can just check-in and take a rest.

Day 2 : Bromo Tour

Bromo Tour is started around 3.15 am early in the morning. Therefore, at 3.00 am, you are expected to be ready and wait for a jeep that picks you up. You must start your adventure at that time to see the scenic sunrise from a view point namely Mount Penanjakan. Well, although Mount Penanjakan is actually still not close to the top, the landscape has been very stunning. So, make sure not to miss this one out.

What makes Mount Penanjakan special is the background of sunrise to enjoy. Yes, you can see the great Mount Bromo and Mount Batok. Mount Batok is a smaller mount that rises right on the top of Mount Bromo. Yes, this is the main reason why Mount Bromo is special. Besides, you can also enjoy the row of Milky Way galaxy more clearly this way.

To explore the Bromo crater, it is possible to walk down there. Sure, you can also rent a horse available in this area. After enjoying the crater along with the beautiful scenery around, you must go back to the parking area and find your Jeep 4WD. It is time to go back to hotel.

Make sure to spend your time well in the hotel to have a breakfast, shower, and take a rest for a while. After packaging your stuff, the team will bring you back to Surabaya whether it is the airport, bus station, or train station. The tour is finished there.

Do you think that it is not enough to spend only 2 days in Bromo? It is reasonable anyway. there are indeed many other places that you have not explored yet. Next time, you can join the 3-day trip in which you can visit some more areas like Savannah of Bromo or Teletubbies Hills. Make sure also to enjoy Malang along with its Batu tourist area.

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Best Mount Bromo Tour