Bromo Ijen Tour From Singapore – The Best Adventure In East Java, Indonesia

June 22, 2022

Whenever you have a problem deciding the place you want to visit for your trip, you can always choose Indonesia. This tropical country has thousands of beautiful places for you to enjoy. Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen are two of them. Now, if you live in Singapore or plan to travel from Singapore to Indonesia, here we have what you need. Our package for Bromo Ijen Tour from Singapore is ready to give you a full 3 days and 2 nights of unforgettable adventure in those two mountains. Below we have more information about this tour.

How to Get There from Singapore

The best place to start our Bromo Ijen tour is Surabaya, East Java. You can get a direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya. The flight will take around 2-3 hours. Your flights will arrive at the Juanda International Airport. It is one of the largest airports in Indonesia, and the second busiest airport after Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Starting from Surabaya will make our pick-up service much easier. You also can choose to be picked up from the airport or hotel where you stay in Surabaya. Prepare everything and we get you to the destination with a comfortable private car. Once we leave Surabaya, your adventure is officially begun.

Our Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Tour Starts!

Take the flight from Singapore to Surabaya. Once you arrive at the Juanda International Airport Surabaya, we will pick you up using a full-AC and comfortable private car. Our destination is the village at the foot of Mount Bromo where you stay to prepare for the next day.

There are two villages where you can stay for your Mount Bromo trip. They are Ngadisari Village and Cemoro Lawang Village. As for our Bromo Ijen tour, you will stay at a hotel in Cemoro Lawang Village. The trip from Surabaya to the hotel in this village will take around 4 hours.

Once arrived at the hotel, we will help you to check-in. You can rest and spend your free time. But, we recommend you to rest because we are going to start early in the morning for a sunrise tour and explore Mount Bromo.

We also have another option for you who arrive before 10 AM in Surabaya. You can take the Mount Ijen tour first, where you travel to Banyuwangi (take around 7 hours by car). Then, you get the Mount Bromo tour on the last day. It is the best choice because you will have more relaxing time during the trip on the last day.

Day 2: Sunrise Tour and Bromo Adventure

We will pick you up from the hotel at 2:45 AM and go to Mount Penanjakan, the best viewpoint to see Bromo sunrise. You will ride a 4WD Jeep and the trip takes around 30-45 minutes. Our destination is the parking area at the bottom of Mount Penanjakan. We need to climb to the viewpoint at the top, which takes around 15 minutes. For the best view, choose the King Kong Hill viewpoint area in Mount Penanjakan.

Once we arrived at the viewpoint area, we will wait until sunrise time. In general, the sun will rise at around 5 AM. So, it won’t take too long before you can enjoy this beautiful scenery. After that, we return to the parking area, ride the Jeep, and travel to the Bromo’s sea of sand. It takes around 10 minutes.

You can enjoy your time in the sea of sand. Then, we also provide an option to climb Mount Bromo. It takes around 30 minutes to reach the summit. For traveling in the sea of sand, you can walk or rent a horse.

For the best experience in our Bromo Ijen Tour from Singapore tour, we recommend renting a horse. It might cost you more (IDR 150,000-IDR 200,000 for a back and forth trip to and from Mount Bromo). But, it gives you a real adventure feeling. Otherwise, you also can walk from the parking area.

No need to worry about the climbing route. There is a set of stairs that will lead you to the crater rim. It has around 250 stairs, which could be physically challenging. Plus, you also should be careful with your steps.  

After that, we return to the parking area, and then we take you back to the hotel for breakfast, rest, and preparation for the next trip to Banyuwangi for the Mount Ijen tour. Then, we check out and travel to Banyuwangi. Once arrived, you will stay at the hotel to prepare for the next day’s trip.

Day 3: Mount Ijen Tour, Watch Blue Fire

Here is our Bromo Ijen tour itinerary for day 3.

00:30 AM – we will pick you up, and then go to Paltuding, the base camp where we start our trekking to Mount Ijen crater.

01:45 AM – arrive at Paltuding area, get trekking permit.

02:00 AM – start hiking. The route is not that hard. It is flat and has a beautiful shrubbery view along the trekking route.

03:15 AM – Arrive at the summit of Ijen Crater, and then we start the descent to the crater lakes. It is around 800 meters with a rocky path. But, it has handrails you can hold. You also need to be careful because the sulfur fumes that come from the lake could give you problems. Make sure you wear a mask, which we will provide.

04:00 AM – arrive at the bottom of the crater where you can see the blue flame. We have to watch it during this time when the day is still dark, so you can see clearly, how this beautiful blue flame dances in the air. However, we will keep you around 100 meters from the lake to ensure that the fume from the sulfur mine could be dangerous.

05:30 AM – We return to the rim of the crater to see the beautiful sunrise scenery. After that, return to Paltidung to prepare to close our trip.

08:00 AM – arrive at the Paltidung parking area, and prepare to return to the hotel. We will take you back using our car to the hotel. You can have breakfast, rest a bit, shower, and then check out. Then, we drive you back to Surabaya to end our tour.

Final Words

That is the adventure that awaits you when you use our package for Bromo Ijen Tour from Singapore. Make sure you prepare everything, including cash and your health. It would be better to have this tour with your friends or family. We believe you will get the best adventure in your life with people that you love. That will make it even more special. Try it now!!!

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