Bromo Kawah Ijen Tour: See The Sunrise From Three Excellent Locations

July 9, 2022

When you take the Bromo Kawah Ijen Tour, you have a dream of seeing the best sunrise from the best spot. You don’t need to worry because you can get what you want when you know the best place to see the sunrise. There are three common spots to see the sunrise on the Bromo Ijen Tour. In the high season or on public holidays, the place will be crowded with tourists and visitors. Sometimes you have to struggle to get a good spot for sunrise from the top. Here are some viewpoints to see the sunrise from Mount Bromo.

Pananjakan Hill’s first level

With a height of about 2700 meters AMSL, this is a popular spot for viewing sunrise and Mt.Bromo scenery. The facilities are quite adequate, with a few coffee shops, and toilets, and well-managed. To get here, visitors will take a jeep and leave around 3 a.m. The goal of this Bromo Kawah Ijen Tour is to arrive early and find the best spot to see the sunrise and Mt. Bromo scenery and take pictures.

The 2nd level of Kingkong Hill

This is an alternate location for sunrise tours and is located on the right side of Pananjakan; some visitors prefer to go here to avoid the crowds on the first level. However, it is not guaranteed that this location will have fewer visitors during the peak season or on public holidays. This location can be reached by jeep or walking from Cemoro Lawang village, then passing through Seruni viewpoint (3rd level). Most of those who hiked to this location are young people or backpackers. You should not do this alone or independently; it would be safer if you used/hired a local guide to lead you here. It is a dangerous path.

The 3rd level of Seruni Point

This is the lowest level viewpoint for viewing the sunrise and Mt. Bromo scenery from the top. Because of the increased number of visitors to Mt. Bromo, the government decided to develop additional viewpoints and manage some places as alternative viewpoints for sunrise tours. To get to this location without using a jeep from Cemoro Lawang village, visitors simply need to follow the road signs. As previously stated, some visitors will continue to Kingkong Hill via Seruni, which requires the assistance of a local guide. The path from Seruni to Kingkong Hill is unmanaged and is still overgrown with grass.

Each spot will give you different difficulties, experiences, and views. You can get more details when you book the Bromo Kawah Ijen Tour.