Bromo Volcano Eruption

March 17, 2018

Bromo Volcano Eruption

Bromo volcano eruption in late 2015, in fact, still attracts both local and foreign tourists to visit this place. In spite of the volcano activity, the post-eruption view is still stunning. It looks gorgeous even from afar. But now, everything is back to normal. The visitors are getting more and more, which lead to the government applies a rule about the limit of visitors per day in order to maintain the natural state of Bromo itself.

Well, Bromo is not only a place to hunt the Golden Sunrise event in East Java, but also a national park that stands on the 800 square kilometers ground. The sceneries are much better after Bromo volcano eruption two years ago.

bromo sunrise bromo volcano

bromo view

And in this article, we are going to tell you activities you can do in Bromo. So, let’s make your holiday becomes the most fun one.

Bromo Tengger Semeru Adventure

As the name suggests, this activity will take you to explore the national park of Bromo Tengger Semeru. You will hike Semeru Mountain, camping at Ranu Kumbolo, and going around Bromo by walking across the sea of sands. There is also a hill named Teletubbies Hill that will lead you to Bromo Crater. It takes several days but a good tour agent will arrange it for you so you can get the most of your trip.

Visiting Sacred Temple of Poten

If you want to get near the Bromo Mountain, all tourists should face the same challenge. You have to walk across a wide sea of sands. In the middle of the “sea”, you will find a sacred temple named Poten Temple. It is very sacred for Tengger community.

Besides for praying, tourists could take a picture around the temple. But of course, there will be some ground rules.

Visiting a land on the cloud

People call it as B29 top. It is a strategic spot to catch the stunning natural landscape in Bromo National Park. The spot is located 2,900 meters above the sea level and this is why people name it B29 top.

In the morning, the valley will be wrapped by fog so when you are at this spot then you will feel like on the cloud. This is the most favorite spot for camping. Besides, you can see several mountains from this spot like Semeru, Welirang, Arjuna, Batok, and also Bromo.

Riding a horse

There are lots of ways to cross the sea of sands to reach Bromo Mountain. The fastest way is by renting a jeep. But if you want to enjoy the sceneries and your moment, you may consider renting a horse and ride it. It costs between 30 thousands and 100 thousands rupiah, depends on how skillful you are at bargaining.

Besides it is way cheaper, riding a horse will allow you to enjoy the scenery more gracefully. You can ask a handler to company you but if you can ride a horse then go ahead. After all, Bromo is still an enjoyable yet stunning place to visit even after Bromo volcano eruption.

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