Catching The Beauty Of Sunrise In Mount Bromo

October 5, 2019

Catching the Beauty of Sunrise in Mount Bromo

Hunting the beauty of sunrise becomes an obligatory tourist’ agenda to do when you visit a National Park of Bromo Tengger Semeru. It is recommended to see the sunrise from Pasuruan Region because the location is closest to Mount Bromo Crater. At least, there are four best locations to see the sunrise. Here are some recommended spots to see the sunrise in Mount Bromo.

Dingklik Post

A security post becomes the first recommended spot to catch the sunrise in Mount Bromo. It is also to be the first post to pass in Pasuruan path. The location is not far from the gate of Bromo Tengger National Park in which it is only four minutes of the trip. The location is very crowded with the sellers selling souvenirs. It is available jeep parking insides. The spot for hunting sunrise is like a terrace in the cliff sides in which it is not very wide for accommodating tourists. However, it is enough to offer a new experience of seeing the sunrise on Mount Bromo.

Love Hill

Another spot for hunting sunrise is Love Hill. The visitors can memorize the beauty of sunrise in that place. The location is at Pasuruan. It can be a good alternative to see the sunrise on Mount Bromo. This second location is passed in Pasuruan path. The hill is 2.680 above the sea level high. The location is very popular because of its unique name. It has a huge wall named Love Hill Bromo Tengger to see a Tengger Caldera, Mount Bromo, Mount Kursi, Watangan, and Mount Widodaren. From this site, you can see the greatness of the highest peak in Java, Mahameru Peak. Quoting the information board of Bromo National Park is Tengger Tribes claim this location by Lemah Market or Agung Market. It is a location to hold a traditional ceremony.

Kingkong Hill

A couple of foreign tourists took photographs with the background of Mount Bromo and Mount Batok in Kingkong Hill. It becomes the most crowded spot with Jeep parking and queue before reaching the Climbing Peak. From the information board, Tengger people claim that it is Kadaluh Hill meaning to be the expectation of fertilizing in Tengger Area. From the top of the hill, you can explore the beauty of the sunrise. The location is like a yard on the hill bordered by the concrete fences. It can be an alternative if Penanjakan Hill is full of tourists.

Penanjakan Peak

Penanjakan Peak is another spot to catch the sunrise. The tourists can see a moment of sunrise in Bromo Tengger Area. It is located in Pasuruan. At the dawn before sunrise, Penanjakan Hill becoming the highest peak to see the sunrise from a direction of Tengger Caldera is always crowded with tourists. Depending on the three other spots, it has more complete facilities such as jackets, scarves, hats, and cloves. The location is a tribune with 10 stairs forming a half circle facing to the east. The wind blow is strongest one so that it is very cool. You must wear anti-cold outfits. Of course, you must prepare anything to avoid coldness when you want to catch a sunrise in Mount Bromo especially in this spot.