Everything You Need To Know To Visit Mount Bromo

October 15, 2019

Facts and Information that You Need to Know about Bromo

Mount Bromo is an active volcano that is located in East Java, Indonesia. Its height is 2,3 meter above the sea. For the people who live around it, they consider Bromo as a holy mountain so they hold a ceremony called Yadnya Kasada every year, the ceremony is usually held in the side of the mountain. A lot of people visit Bromo to see the sunset because it is one of the perfect spots for it.

If you want to visit this mountain, here is everything you need to know to visit mount Bromo :

It is prohibited to approach the radius of one kilometre from the crater

You can still go around until the behind of Poten temple because that area is still safe for the visitors

Do not pick the leaves of the plants

The plants that grow there are still protected so the visitors are not allowed to pick or take it

Do not hurt the animals

Not only the plants, but there are also some animals in mount Bromo and the visitors are not allowed to bring them outside and they are also not allowed to bring their pets

It is not allowed to bring something that contains alcohol

To make the visitors safer and to avoid things that are not wanted—like getting drunk or get lost happen, the visitors are not allowed to bring something that contains alcohol in it

Do not bring any weapon

It is to anticipate that the visitors might ruin or hurt other visitors and the ecosystem there

Do not bring detergent or something that contains chemical and could harm the environment

Bromo is the natural habitat for plants and animal so the environment should be protected really well

Do not litter

Another “everything you need to know to visit mount Bromo” is, do not leave your rubbish to the peak of it, put the rubbish in the proper place.

It is not allowed to make a bonfire

To avoid something bad like forest fires, the visitors are not allowed to make bonfire even though it is very cold there.

Those are some rules that you need to obey if you want to visit Mount Bromo, you have to respect and obey those rules because when you are visiting Bromo, it means you are not in your place.

Another everything you need to know to visit mount Bromo is about its facts :

Bromo has been exploded since 1767, the biggest explosion was in 1974

Every eruption has its own unique thing

In 2004, the eruption only last for 20 minutes, meanwhile on 2010, it lasted for nine months

There are some nice spots there like Penanjakan, Seruni, Love Hill, and King Kong hill

Bromo is the number two highest peak after Semeru

The ceremony called Yadya Kasada is held to avoid the disaster and always be given prosperity

Those are some information that you should know before you visit mount Bromo. Always pay attention to the rules and be careful.