Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour

October 20, 2016

Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour

Mount Ijen has the beautiful sunrise and green sceneries. Besides, Ijen plateau have a blue fire symptom. And it is important to know, there are just 2 in the world. Mount Ijen is the one of the destination in Banyuwangi that must be visited by the tourists. Most of them visit Banyuwangi only want to know about the Ijen crater. This is the most attractive destination in Banyuwangi

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If you would like to see the blue fire at ijen crater, you have to come in the earlier morning from the hotel to start the trip at approximately 00:30 AM. On the way back after trekking to Ijen, you will see the coffee plantation. After through the plantation, you will be served with a scene of the rainforest, In which there are a large range of plants, large trees, and the most interesting is the giant ferns that exist in ancient times. There, you will climb about 3 km from Paltuding and you have to come down to the crater. From crater you must walk to the bottom of the crater. It is about 800 meters, you must be careful, because the road is very hard. But, it pays off with the blue fire. The blue fire is the stunning scenery.

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Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour