Ijen Crater Blue Flames

June 15, 2018

Ijen Crater Blue Flames

Amazing attraction in Ijen Crater Blue Flames

Ijen Crater Blue Flames is the most interesting attraction while visiting Ijen crater. Ijen crater is amazing photograph site that appears in the entire night. Since National geographic stated about the Ijen crater blue flames, the number of tourists that visit this place is increased of thousands of people in every week. You can see the natural phenomenon that rare to result in another mountain.

Hiking to Ijen Crater Blue Flames

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Is it hard to hike to see Ijen crater blue flames? Ijen crater is a wide complex of large carter 20km which located in the caldera. When start to go to the top of Ijen crater, hikers will share the narrow steep in the rocky path down into the Ijen crater. When hike, hiker need to focus and careful to prevent the hiker sliding down to loose rocks or tripping over other hikers. When reaching the bottom, wind getting stronger and the sulfur gases cloud would cover in time. It is important to use a gas mask to protect our breath. If you do not have a gas mask, then you can use wet cotton. The mineral water can avoid the gases to come to your breath and also for drinking.  When you hike to Ijen crater then you need to prepare some equipment such as trekking shoes, gas masks, and flashlight.

If you interested to visit Ijen crater, then you can start your travel from several points such as Surabaya airport, Banyuwangi Ketapang harbor or from Bali island. After visit Ijen crater, you can also visit other interesting attraction in Java Island such as Mount Bromo national park, or Mount Semeru trekking. Ijen volcano is one of the highest sulfur level mountains in the world.

The process of interesting attraction of Ijen crater blue flames

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Ijen itself is an active volcano, it makes this place have a great landscape of volcanic cones. The blue flames in Ijen crater is colored sulfur lake that resides and becomes the largest acidic lake in the world. The blue fire is electric blue flames that resulted from the sulfuric gases combustion. The gases emerge from volcano cracks met with high pressure and temperature up to 6000 degree Celsius. When these gases are contacted with air, then it becomes igniting. The blue flames able to reach into 5 meters high. The blue flames are starts to appears in 18.00 and finish at 04.30 mornings.

The other activity that interesting to do besides watching to the beauty of Ijen crater blue flames is watching the miners activity in Ijen crater flame. Mining sulfur becomes one of the main ways of people around mountain Ijen to earn money. The miners in Ijen crater are work in the night to prevent the sun hear and in extra income. The beauty from, sunrise in Ijen crater is another amazing activity and beautiful view that pleased to see. You can go to this Ijen crater by group or individual. When you choose an individual, then it is important to know the condition in Ijen and the center help when you need to ask something.

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