Ijen Crater Is

June 17, 2018

What Ijen Crater Is? – Deeper Look to Kawah Ijen Crater Lake

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia with a great view and unique attraction is Kawah Ijen. But, what Ijen Crater is? Learn more about the crater lake here.

Ijen Crater Overview

ijen volcano ijen blue fire

Ijen Crater is an acidic volcanic crater lake you can find in the top of Mount Ijen. The mountain is part of East Java’s volcanoes series along with Mount Bromo, Mount Merapi, Mount Raung, and Mount Semeru. Mount Ijen was officially located in Probolinggo District, East Java, Indonesia. With approximately 9,183 feet of height, the mount is surrounded by a chilly atmosphere. The daily temperature is about 100C but it often reaches 20C that makes the environment turns very cold.

Ijen Mountain is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists mainly due to the acidic crater lake that displays turquoise color that is about 1 km in width. The color makes the crater looks so beautiful if seen from above. Besides its reputation as a popular tourist destination, the crater is also sulfur mining object for local people. They usually carry baskets of the crater – laden which is taken from the crater floor.

To get to the crater there are some options you can take. You can just go on foot as a truly mountaineer to reach the top of the mountain. But, for you with no experience in mountaineering before, you can rent a hardtop that is easily found along the way to the mountain. You don’t need to be worried about the hard track since the hardtop will be driven by local people who know well about the path. Another option you can take is renting a horse provided by local people. It will give you a great experience of enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountain from horseback.

Blue Fire Crater

There is one other thing that makes Ijen Crater is very popular among travelers. It has one beautiful natural phenomenon that is rarely found in the world, that is Blue Fire Crater. This is an electric – blue flame which is resulted by sulfuric gas of Mount Ijen.

The blue flame phenomenon actually has been around for a long time in the crater, but not much people know about it. The number of foreign tourists who visits Mount Ijen increases significantly since the blue flame phenomenon is mentioned in National Geographic Channel. The program makes people from all around the world become aware of the Blue Fire Carter and climb to the Ijen Mountain only to see it. Since the blue flame only occurs just before the sunrise, people have to climb the mountain at night. Though that makes you have to do a journey through the darkness, but the beautiful blue fire that you will see really worth it.

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