Ijen Crater Tour Price

January 24, 2016

Ijen Crater Tour Price

One of jewel in East Java, Ijen Crater have attracted travellers from all over the world, we carries you through coffee and clove plantations around the village of Licin and into one of Java’s last forest, rich wildlife at the park ranger’s station to begin hike the Ijen Crater, along a shady trail with spectaculer views. Rest along in the rim of the volcanic crater lake at an evelation  of 2,883 meters. The lake eerie colors and smoke wafting from bright yellow sulphur deposits along the shore creat a landscape both desolately barren and vibrantly alive. Watch miners cescend into the crater and re-emerge carrying up to 80 kilograms of ore on bamboo baskets along treacherous path.


Ijen Crater Tour From Bali

2 people of group : 1,859,000 IDR / person
3 people of group : 1,460,000 IDR / person
4 people of group : 1,269,000 IDR / person

Ijen Crater From Pemuteran

2 people of group : 1,400,000 IDR / person
3 people of group : 1,025,000 IDR / person
4 people of group : 845,000 IDR / person

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Ijen Crater Tour Price