Ijen Crater Weather

June 18, 2018

Ijen Crater Weather

The complete guide about Ijen Crater Weather before you climbs

It is important for you to know the condition of Ijen Crater Weather before you go to Ijen Crater. Hiking into Ijen crater is great because you can see the natural phenomenon of blue flames. Ijen crater is the large lake that filled with hydrochloric acid and makes the water lake in green. The blue flames itself is combustion from the gases when it contacts with air. The weather in Ijen is very cold in up there. Although you will sweat in the hiking, it is best to keep wear warm clothing.

Guide to go to Ijen crater

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The first thing that you need to know before you go climbing Ijen crater is, it is best to enjoy it at night. Hike at night might become harder rather than the day hike. But do not worry because there will be a good guide to help you. Hiking to Ijen crater is done in a night as it will give more visible blue flames. The trekking to Ijen crater is taking about 3 hours. To ascent into the rim will take about 2 hours and from the ridge to the Ijen crater where blue flames are seen are taken in last 45 minutes. While you think that it is easy to climb, then you need to know that the environment in Ijen may affect the speed. Hiking in Ijen is harder to breathe because of the altitude and the sulfur in the air. The smell form the journey is get stronger when you climb higher and get closer to the ijen crater. If you want to go down to see blue flames in close, you are highly recommended for rent gas masks in the rim and pay about Rp, 50.000. Remember for wear warm clothes and comfort hiking shoes. Get prepare to cold temperature, remove the jewelry and keep it on the bag as sulfur can damage it.

Tips and things need to know before going to Ijen crater

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  • The mountain hikers will perfect to take this adventure. The other traveler who love the natural phenomena and not afraid with unpredictability in nature’s also can take part in ijen crater hiking. When you visit ijen crater, you can see real life from sulfur miners that will make you grateful with your recent life.
  • This trip is not recommended for those who have existing breath condition such as asthma and panic easily when breathing or person who have very sensitive eyes. They are not recommended to get try to the ijen caldera. The sulfuric air can make sensitive eyes to tear out.
  • This travel does not need any climbing experience, or extraordinary fitness level. However, if you feel that you are out of breathing, then it is important to take a rest.

Bring enough water. As the Ijen Crater Weather is cold and breath in sulfuric acid can make you feel so thirsty, sweating a lot and throat dry, ensure you are still hydrated by take drinking enough. Take sweet sugar to help you bring more energy when climbing.

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