Ijen Crater What To Wear

September 18, 2019

Ijen Crater What to Wear

To complete your preparation and planning, here is Ijen Crater what to wear during your travel. Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater is everyone’s top natural tourism destination in Banyuwangi, East Java. Kawah Ijen offers adventurous way of recreation. In order to see the beautiful crater with blue fire, you have to trek approximately 5 KM trail altogether. The crater is at 2.799 meters above the sea level. Normally you will start your trekking during midnight. The hike will last around 1.5-3 hours for one way. If you can imagine how it will be, you can start to prepare your appropriate costume now. The list of what to wear for visiting Ijen Crater is coming below:

A warm jacket or sweater

The temperature at Ijen Crater is very cold. It can reach 11C at night. For Indonesian people, you should prepare well for the cold as we never used to have this low temperature. It is freezing. A warm jacket or sweater will be very helpful for you.  For girls, it is better for you to not bring any jewelry at Ijen crater. The sulfur can damage it anytime.

A comfortable hiking shoes

Hiking is an outdoor activity. You are recommended to wear comfy hiking shoes to trek at Ijen crater. The trek is quite slippery. If you do not wear appropriate should shoes, it may danger your safety during the journey. There are unstable rocks and path. Don’t forget to always be cautious on your way to the blue fire location.

Headlight or torch

Ijen Crater is best enjoyed at night time, especially for the blue fire. In this case, you will need headlight to light your way. It is dark and will be extremely difficult without any light sources. The blue flame at Kawah Ijen vents out on a regular basis. You make sure you have enough time to see with your own eyes directly before the sun rise.

Small backpack

During the trekking, bringing small bag or backpack is easier your way. You are going to trek a high mountain. It is hard for some people. You do not need to bring some useless baggage to bother you. Just carry some important stuff only with you.

Extra shirt

Although it is cold in the Ijen crater, you will be sweating a lot too. A long your journey, your body is pushing the limits. You also drink lots of water. Bringing extra shirt is additional for you. If you want to change after sweating a lot, you can bring some extra with you.

Gas mask  and glasses

You need a gas mask and glasses while doing your trek to the crater. There is sulfur in the air that might find you difficult to breath. For you who has a medical problem like asthma and sensitive eyes, it is not advisable for you to come here. The environment is harsh to your health. You can rent the gas mask at the rim. The fee is around fifty thousand rupiah. As for the glass, you can wear it to prevent the gaze coming into your eyes.

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