Ijen Tour And Travel Banyuwangi

July 19, 2018

Ijen Tour And Travel Banyuwangi

Ijen Tour And Travel Banyuwangi is one of the ways to go to Ijen tour. If you are exploring Bali and want to across the Java island, visit east java and go to Ijen crater to see the world largest acidic lake in the volcano crater.

The Ijen tour through Banyuwangi from Bali

ijen tour banyuwangi

If you are already from Bali, then continue your travel to Ijen crater, this can help you to guide. Banyuwangi is the closest point to Ijen crater (45Km) rather than another route from Bali, Bondowoso which takes about 64 km. here are the trip guide to go to Ijen crater from Bali through Banyuwangi.

  • From Gilimanuk, took the ferry to East Java through Ketapang port in Banyuwangi. The trips are available for every 30 minutes, 24 h/a day. The journey will take about 45 minutes.
  • From Ketapang ferry port, you can drive using public yellow bemos or shuttle buses to Banyuwangi. The other way, you can also hire 4X4 jeep and the driver to go to Banyuwangi. This will be a good idea if you gave group 4 person in your travel. It is also important for hire guide if you want to visit Ijen crater to see blue flames for your security.
  • The other alternative, you can go to Banyuwangi airport from Bali and hire the 4×4 jeep with a driver to take to ijen crater base camp for a trek or book the tour package from your hotel or travel agent.

Where to stay in Ijen

When going to trek in Ijen, you need to prepare winter clothes such as jackets gloves, hiking shoes and a flashlight. The weather in ijen crater can be so cold. Before you start your climb into ijen crater, ensure to use comfort room in base camp to take a pee because there is no toilet in the trail. Bring the climbing stick is an additional and useful help to ascent you to go to the top. You can take a rest if you feel you are run out from your breath. The entrance to ijen crater trail is open in 3.00 am. So if you are planning to see blue fire, then it is suggested to climb in 12 midnight to give you enough time to reach the rim. It will take about 2 hours to rim climbing and other one hour to go down to the crater to see the blue flames. The blue flames will fade and disappear when daylight appears, in 5.00 am.  From the tracking trail, you can meet with local sulfur miners that may offer you with small figures from sulfur as the souvenir. It can cost about Rp.25.000 per piece.

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