Ijen Volcano Acid Lake

July 21, 2018

Ijen Volcano Acid Lake

Ijen Volcano Acid Lake

Ijen Carter is one of the crater lakes located in the top of Mount Ijen at 2386 meters above sea level with the depth reaches 200 meters and the width reaches 5466 hectares. The Ijen Natura Reserve Park is located on District Licin, Banyuwangi, Klobang and Bondowoso. This Ijen Volcano Acid Lake will show you with its natural beauty.

The Ijen Crater is also the world’s largest acidity along with the acidity level which is close to zero that even can melt the human body. So, you should be carefully while you are enjoying this beautiful scene. However, the high level of acidity shows you with its own fascination that you can see from Tosca sulfur-colored. Besides that, you can see the sulfur mining surrounding this area, indicating that this mountain is still active until now. While you are enjoy the view in Ijen Crater area then you are also able to see the sulfur miners carrying loads in their shoulder take the steep route.

ijen plateau ijen sunrise

Things to do

You are able to enjoy the mountainous nuance as the main attraction for visitors, you are not only enjoying the beautiful sunrise from the Ijen Carter, but also you are able to witness directly the natural “blue fire” phenomenon in Ijen Carter. You can see this phenomenon on early morning until 5 PM.

Besides that, you can enjoy other scenery site, such as natural phenomenon of greenish blue color in Crater Lake as well. This is breathtaking scenery that makes visitors left beautiful moment in there. Then, you are able to see the process of sulfur mining and you can get new experience by looking on the real process of coffee. This area provides you with authentic coffee and leaves you with great taste for coffee lovers.

Even you can taste the local food from Banyuwangi, one of them is Rujak Soto. This food is combination of traditional local recipes and gives you very local taste as well. Another reference, you can taste the Tempong rice. This is basically rice, however you can taste this rice with local sauce and various dishes. This is unique culinary and you will find out the unique spicy taste that you might never tasted before. You can enjoy your trip by visiting many natural sites and see the local sulfur miners that still use their conventional method to process the sulfur.

The taste of local food also can make your trip more complete and you can get best moments by spending your time here. There are many things to do if you visit thisIjen Volcano Acid Lake along with its endless natural charm.

To go to the Mount Ijen site can be accessed from two main directions, they are from Situbondo and Banyuwangi. From both of directions, you have to continue your trip to the Patulding as the gateway of Ijen Reserve Park. If you come from Banyuwangi, then you have to go to Licin then go to the Paltuding. Before you can reach the Paltuding, you can use Jeep or other off-road vehicles to reach this site.

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