Ijen Volcano Complex

July 26, 2018

Ijen Volcano Complex

Ijen Volcano Complex

Ijen is an area of volcanic complex that consisting of Ijen high plateau and crater. It standing 2.600 M and 8660 M. Ijen Crater is the reserve area and one of tourist destination managed by Baluran National Park. No wonder that many visitors exciting to visit Ijen Volcano Complex.

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Ijen is located in three parts of district, they are Bondowoso, Situbondo and Banyuwangi, East Java. This area becomes the largest and most enhancing volcano area in East Java, Indonesia. In this volcanic area, there is sulfur mining, considering that this highlands complex is still active and produce the natural sulfur as well. Come from this location, then you can see there are many sulfur miners who collecting and carrying the pure sulfurs on their shoulders and take step deeper into rocky crater and poisonous sulfur dioxide gas surround them. However, they do this as a job for their lives.

Ijen has the world’s largest sulfuric acid lake

Particularly, Ijen Volcano is the world’s largest sulfuric lake. Even this lake produces 36 million cubic sulfurs that consist of hydrogen chloride and solven of sulfuric acid, which are the strongest acids ever. Ijen Volcano Complex lies to the west of Mount Merapi. This crater has the vast lake in turquoise color and rich sulfur as well. It shows you with dramatic nuance that you can see around this incredible Tosca shade lake.

While in Ijen Plateau is located in the southwest of Bondowoso which is including of peak and foot of Mount Ijen, Mount Suket, Mount Raung and Mount Merapi. Among these highlands, there is a village where you can find coffee plantations, highland forest and vegetable fields as well. You are able to enjoy the Ijen Crater which is so beautiful if you can see from the crater edge, sometimes you can see the sulfur miners were getting down to the crater to take the sulfur.

Then Ijen Caldera is the largest Caldera in Java along with 6 lm for diameter. The shape of Ijen Crater is oval and looks like ellipse with an area of lake disposal in the west which is also the upstream of Banyu Pahit and Banyu Putih rivers. Ijen crater has an area of 45 hectares with diameter at 950 meters and has a dept at 176 meters. Going inside to the Ijen Caldera you can see smaller hills which were secondary volcanoes that had been extinguished. The eruption of Mount Ijen recorder in history only happened at four times, they are 1796, 1817, 1913 and 1936.

How you can go to Ijen Crater?

There are two routes that you can use to reach the Ijen Creator. The first route, you can get through Banyuwangi and the second route through Bondowoso. If you go from Banyuwangi, then you have to take public transportation with Banyuwangi-Licin-Jambu route. From jambu, you are able to continue your trip by using local transportation. The gateway of Ijen Reserve Park was located Platuding, which is also a PHPA Post (Forest Protection and Nature Conservation).

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