Ijen Volcano Java

July 28, 2018

Ijen Volcano Java

Ijen Volcano Java

Ijen shows you with the natural beauty of Indonesia and makes anyone who sees it will feel amazed. If you never visit this place, then you need information related to this place for reference. Ijen Volcano Java should be on your travel list for your next trip.

ijen plateau sunrise ijen

First, Ijen Crater is the world’s acidic mountain that you can find in Indonesia. It has a caldera wall around 300-500 meter of height and its width reaches 5466 hectares. For the carter’s size is approximately 20 km. Then the carter has a depth around 300 meters below the caldera wall. So, you might feel amazed when you realize that you can see the great natural charm that you never see before. No surprise that Ijen Volcano area is so popular among local and international visitors as well. There are many unique charms that you can find here.

Panoramic of Ijen Volcano Java

This tourist destination is really showing you with very beautiful natural charm along with beautiful scenery as well. In the morning, you will be presented with an amazing sunrise view. In addition, the morning sunlight that illuminates the carter will be reflected so it makes the green shine of Tosca form the surface. However, you should be careful, even though the cater looks very calm, in fact is can be dangerous as well. Because of sulfur water in Ijen Carter has a water volume around 200 million cubic meters and the heat reaches 200 degrees, so it means that you cannot touch the water at all and it’s so dangerous.

blue flame ijen crater indonesia

On the southeast side of Ijen Carter, there is a solfatara field that releases the volcano gas contains of high sulfur concentration so it can cause inconvenience smell. While on the west side, there is a water dam which is upstream of Banyu Pahit River. This dam also shows you with natural charm, if you want to visit much quieter destination then you can visit this location. However, to get there is not easy because of lack accommodation. The dam which is near to Ijen Creater is concrete building built since Dutch Government. On that time, this dam serves to regulate the lake water’s level in order to avoid the acid floods. But now, this dam is no longer works because of the water never reaches the dam.

Ijen blue fire

In the early morning from Ijen Carter shows you with a fantastic view. You can see the sulfur fluid flowing unstoppably under the crater that creates the “blue fire”. This phenomenon can be seen only in two locations, they are Iceland and Ijen Carter Indonesia. To get this great scenery, then you have to hike Mount Ijen starts from 2:00 AM and you have to hold the cold temperatures in this location. However, you will feel amazed once you can see great scenery during your hiking.

Even Ijen Crater also has sulfur mining sites in the Banyuwangi District which is also the largest sulfur mining in Indonesia and the way of processing the sulfur still use the conventional method. So this information can be used as a reference for the next trip in Ijen Volcano.

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