Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour From Ubud Bali

December 16, 2022

It is no secret that Indonesia is home to active volcanoes. One of them is Merapi Mountain. The most famous spot in this area is Caldera Ijen, a large volcanic crater on the top of Merapi Mountain. Despite being active, this mountain’s last eruption happened back in 2000, and it was only a phreatic eruption with no risk of volcanic earthquake whatsoever. Throughout the year, Merapi Mountain has been a tourist’s favorite attraction to visit. Especially when you can join Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Ubud Bali. Here are some things that you need to know prior to your visit.

Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

Being one of the biggest active volcanoes in Indonesia, Merapi Mountain offers some beautiful scenery that you can witness. The mountain complex itself is located on the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso in East Java, Indonesia. One of them is Kawah Ijen, which translates to Ijen Craters. It is well known for its blue fire, acidic crater lake, and also sulfur mining. It is located on the west side of Merapi Mountain. The Ijen Crater itself has a diameter of 722 meters with 0.41 square kilometers of surface area. The lake is highly acidic and is considered the largest acid crater lake in the world.

The Blue Fire in the crater itself can be explained scientifically. It happened because there is a reaction between sulfuric gas and oxygen at a certain temperature, starting from 600°C or equal to 1,112°F. If you want to witness Kawah Ijen blue fire, you will need to go through a two-hour hike to reach the rim of the crater. Then you will hike down for about 45 minutes to reach the bank of the crater.

Currently, the most famous tour package that you could take is the midnight hike. It’s because the Blue Fire could be seen better when it’s still dark. You will also meet some miners that take sulfur rocks from the volcano.

Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Ubud Bali Details

The complete details of the midnight tour package usually start at 7 PM Balinese Time, where you will be picked up and then transferred to Gilimanuk Harbor. The ferry leaves around midnight to Banyuwangi East Java. It took approximately an hour to reach Banyuwangi, and then you will immediately be taken to the start point of Trekking at Paltuding.

The trekking to Ijen Crater starts around 2 AM and will take around 1 to 2 hours. At the rim of the crater, you could choose to hike down to the bank of the crater or stay up. The hike down could be extreme and it is not recommended if you are not in a fit condition. But by the rim of the crater, you can already witness the blue fire that only exists in two places in the world, Ijen Crater Indonesia, and Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia.

Even if you stay at the top, you could still witness the pretty sunrise scenery. It will pay off the hard work you give when hiking up. Then at around 7 AM, you will go back to the parking place to commute back to Ubud, Bali. Along the road, you will stop at Jagir Waterfall. It is also a great place to relax and enjoy the morning air. You might also enjoy some local breakfast before leaving for the harbor around 10.30 AM. 12.30 PM will conclude the Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Ubud Bali, as you go back to your resting place to rest.

Tips and Tricks

You might need special hiking shoes. Even though the terrain is hikers-friendly, it is necessary to be prepared. Make sure you also wear jackets or warmers and gloves because it could reach as low as 10°C in the morning. You also need to pay attention to your trash. If you could, bring your own plastic bag to contain all of your trash. Most importantly, have the best time and adventure while experiencing the Kawah Ijen Blue Fire tour.

That is all the details for Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Ubud Bali. You might also want to prepare your condition because trekking up to the Craters will take some time. Make sure you get enough rest beforehand so you can focus. It is also necessary to drink enough water along the way.

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