Kawah Ijen Blue Flames

October 23, 2016

Kawah Ijen Blue Flames

Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater is the most tourism object that many tourist are visited. This place is to be the icon tourism object in Banyuwangi, also this mountain is the most place that visitors want to visit.  Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen Volcano actually on the Java island, has two of the most unusual creation on the Earth. First, an active solfatara that spouts hot, flammable sulfurous gases. These heat as they go into Earth’s oxygen-rich atmosphere and burn with an electric blue flame. Some of the gas condenses in the atmosphere to produce flows of molten sulfur that also burn with an electric blue flame. The flames are difficult to see during the day but lighted the landscape at night.

The second creation  is a one-kilometer-wide caldera lake filled with turquoise-blue water. The color of the water is a result of its extreme acidity and a high concentration of fused metals. It is the world’s largest highly acidic lake with a measured pH as low as 0.5. The cause of its acidity is an inflow of hydrothermal waters charged with gases from a hot magma chamber below.

In spite of, the surroundings like danger, an acid lake and petrified sulfur in the caldera – n fact they are useful for people. The ijen caldera is used for coffe plantations, because the soil is very fertile. And the extract of sulfur is minerals. This place is also visited by the tourists.

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