Kawah Ijen Tour From Bali—An Adventure To The Dancing Blue Flames

October 22, 2021

Adventure and hiking enthusiast, buckle up! The mighty Kawah Ijen Tour from Bali is waiting for you.

If you love midnight hiking, enjoy seeing the beauty of the sunrise, and want to experience a unique adventurous experience, a trip to Kawah Ijen is a must. 

Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) is one of the most famous active volcanoes in East Java. This place is popular for its majestic Blue Flames or Blue Lava. It is also a perfect spot to challenge your fitness and tenacity since the route is not that easy to conquer. But don’t worry, all of your hard work will pay off when you witness the alluring sunrise from one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Plan Your Kawah Ijen Tour from Bali Right Now!

If you are spending time in Bali right now or have a plan to visit Bali, make sure that Mount Ijen is included in the part of your itinerary. 

Maybe you are curious, Mount Ijen and Bali are located on different islands. So, why do you have to visit Mount Ijen from Bali?

The answer is why not?! Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia and you can find everything here, from beaches, temples, to hiking trails. But Mount Ijen has its own charm and you should not miss it. Since it’s very easy to go to East Java from Bali, it is a great idea to maximize your holiday by visiting another beautiful place in Indonesia.

It takes a 4-hour car ride to reach Gilimanuk Port from popular tourist attractions in Bali, such as Ubud or Seminyak. After that, you need to ride a ferry to reach Ketapang Port in East Java. The ferry ride only takes around 1 hour. 

Once you arrive in East Java, it is best to find a hotel and take a rest for a couple of hours. Remember, you are about to embark on such an exciting journey climbing the Ijen. You need to be sure that your stamina is at the highest level. The night hike is the best charm of the Mount Ijen tour. You need to calculate your time well so you can arrive on time to see the sunrise.

It takes a one-hour ride from the port and hotels nearby to the base of Mount Ijen. So, it is best to start at 12 AM so you can arrive at the base of Ijen an hour later.

Hiking to the peak normally takes around 2 to 3 hours. It is only around 2 km, but the road is steep so you have to be careful Remember to take your time to breathe and enjoy your surroundings.

What’s Waiting for You at Kawah Ijen?

Once you arrive at the top, walk down very carefully to the crater. This is the main character of the show. You can see the dancing blue flames in the acid lake. If you are lucky, the flames can go very high. Chilling, but breathtaking at the same time. Oh, don’t forget to put on a gas mask since the area is basically a sulfuric volcano.

When the clock strikes 5, prepare yourself to enjoy the sunrise. Witness how the darkness slowly goes and the warm sunlight starts to embrace you. 

Kawah Ijen is a mining site. So, you will see a lot of mining activities here. You will see miners going up the sandy road with heavy loads on their shoulders. The electric blue flame is also a result of mining activity and a chemical reaction of the sulfuric gas in the area.

How to Enjoy Mount Ijen to the Fullest?

To make sure you can see the sunrise on time, you must arrange your timing carefully. Pay attention to your physical condition too because hiking can be tough, especially at night.

You can rent a car, or ride a bus to go to Mount Ijen. Once you arrive in East Java, you can even rent a scooter if you want. It is definitely cheaper, but it can be challenging for first-timers, and you mightget tired as well.

The best way to visit Ijen from Bali is to go with a local Kawah Ijen Tour from Bali tour group. Youwill be accompanied by an experienced local tour guide that will explain everything to you. You can sit back, relax, and let the tour manager arrange all the details.