Mount Bromo And Ijen Tour Accommodations

July 9, 2022

You need to book Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour Accommodation before you go there. Accommodations in Cemoro Lawang village or near Mount Bromo are typically homestays or guesthouses, which are easy to find and do not require booking.

Three Scenarios to Get Hotels Near Mount Bromo

There aren’t many “hotels” in this area, but they’re easy to find. The following are the things or scenarios that travelers should consider when looking for and booking Mount Bromo and Ijen tour accommodations:

  • Take public transportation and walk

Cemoro Lawang village is the better option for lodging. because it is not far from the center village to the sunrise viewpoint and Mount Bromo. Each location can be reached in about 1–1.5 hours by walking one way.

  • Take public transportation and add the Jeep

At this point, the location of the accommodation is unimportant. You can book accommodation in Cemoro Lawang, which is not required but is still possible. They will pick you up and take you directly to the viewpoint and Mount Bromo, where you will finish the tour. Because public transportation is not “easy to get” in this scenario and above, you must plan your visit accordingly.

  • Make Use of Your Vehicle

In this scenario, you have a lot of options: you can walk or take a jeep tour; and whether your accommodation is close to Mount Bromo or not; As previously stated, you can make an easy decision.

Hotel Options to Choose Near Mount Bromo

Here are some recommendations of hotels or homestays that you can choose when you want to stay near Mount Bromo, especially for the Bromo Ijen Tour, which is 2 days and one night.

  • Cafe Lava Hostel is approximately 20 meters before the National Park counter. It’s a popular place for visitors to stay in Bromo.
  • Java Banana Inn is also known as Java Banana Inn. This is a pricey accommodation for the Bromo Tour. The drive to Cemoro Lawang village takes about 10 minutes. Jiwa Jawa Resort also offers low-cost accommodation under the name Pagupon Bromo.
  • Hotel Bromo Permai. The location is approximately 20 meters behind or after the National Park counter. If you check in to this hotel, you must purchase a national park ticket, even if you do not intend to take the Bromo Tour.
  • The Lava View Lodge About 500 meters after the National Park counter, The hotel has a direct view of Mt. Bromo, and if the weather is nice, you can watch the sunset from their balcony. This hotel is ideal for a family or a group of friends.
  • The homestay or guesthouse in Cemoro Lawang offers very basic accommodation and rooms without breakfast service, but most properties provide hot water, with prices starting at IDR 250K per night.

You need to book Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour accommodation before you come to Bromo to get a special promo.