Mount Bromo And Ijen Tour

March 8, 2020


Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour is the best destination for those of you who are a traveler. If you like hiking and nature tourism, Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour can become the best destination for a recommendation on your holiday. If you still never come to those places, you have to read this article so that you can know the experiences you get. Here is the best experience you will get if you choose Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour.

First Day: Arrival

On the first day, when you want to visit these places, the driver will drive you so you don’t need to be confused to look for the best car rental to take you to these destinations. The driver will drive you both if you come to the airport or hotel. After it, the driver will pick you up to see the best beautiful in East Java named Mount Bromo and it needs3 up to 4 hours. If you need free leisure, you can get it freely.

Second Day: Bromo Penanjakan

In this Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour, you have to prepare yourself at 3.00 am because the driver will pick you up to see the best scenery and sunrise. The driver will use jeep and you can easily see the sunrise in it and of course, you can also see the beautiful volcanic located both on Mount Bromo or Mount Semeru. In this place, you can take a breath from fresh air and see the beautiful sunrise in the mountain name Pananjakan.

Pananjakan is the best place that is chosen by most of the people to see the sunrise in it. If you want to look at it, you have to choose the right time because many people also attracted to look at it. After that, the trip will continue to arrive at Mount Bromo. In this mountain, you will see the volcano of Mount Bromo. After it, the driver will pick you up at the hotel so that you can prepare yourself for the next destinations that are to Banyuwangi. On this trip, it needs 4 up to 5 hours to get to the destinations. Before it, the driver will stop at the local restaurant so that you can take lunch.

Third-Day: Ijen Crater Blue Fire & Departure

In the afternoon or 12.30, you will arrive at Mount Ijen. During this Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour, you will pass the rainforest because it has a lot of rainforest on the Mount Ijen way. As you know you will pass many trees so that it will make you feel comfortable because of the atmosphere. After you arrive at the Ijen Crater, the driver will stop it and you have to walk to get to Ijen Crater.

The driver will wait for you in-vehicle parking. When you walk in it, it needs about 1 to 2 hours to arrive in Ijen Crater. Even though you have to walk in it, you will find a good experience on the way at Ijen Crater. It is because you will see the beautiful scenery. Beside it, you can take a breath of fresh air and of course, you can take a picture of it. Make sure you take a picture on the way in it because you will find the best side in the Ijen crater way. Ijen crater is the best panorama in East Java and this panorama has a dangerous path so that you have to be careful.

However, after you arrive in it, you will see the amazing views that you have never seen before in the other destinations. When you arrive in it, you can take every picture to memorize the amazing creation in the world. After enjoying it, you have to walk again to the parking area and the driver will wait for you in the parking area and bring you to the hotel to check out. The last of Mount Bromo and Ijen Tour, the driver will take you to the harbor based on the departure. 

– Tax and Service

– Stay at Lava View Lodge / Bromo Permai 1 / Cafe Lava Hotel for 1 night
– Stay at Ketapang Indah Hotel / Aston Banyuwangi Hotel / Hotel Santika Banyuwangi for 1 night

– Breakfast at hotel
– Private full AC transport
– 4 WD Jeep to Bromo

– Experience driver
– English speaking guide

– Ferry boat ticket from Java to Bali
– Gas masks & headlamps (Ijen trekking)
– Mineral water
– Petrol, Fee Parking, & Donation

– Entrance fee ticket to Bromo & Ijen

– Meals (Lunch & Dinner)
– Personal Expenses

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Mount Bromo And Ijen Tour