Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour

January 4, 2020


Do you want to get the best experience relating to Bromo Mount milky way and photography tour? If you want it, I suggest you follow the best activity through Mount Bromo milky way photography tour. This activity will give you the best experience and you can share your hobbies to get the best picture in those locations.

First Day : Surabaya, Madakaripura Waterfalls, and Hotel

The first is the team will drive you from the airport or in the station in the Malang or you arrive in Surabaya. This is the start of Mount Bromo Astrophotography tour you will enjoy and follow. Your trip will start in the morning after you finish to meet our team that will help you in every destination. You don’t need to be confused to look for car rental because our time has served it and you will pick up by the team to Madakaripura Waterfalls through Mount Bromo milky way photography tour.

After you arrive at that waterfall, the local guide will give you the recommendation and suggestion so that you can explore all of the sides in the waterfall. In this tourist attraction, you have 1 hour to explore it before take back to the hotel near the village named Cemara Lawang to check-in and take a rest.

Second Day : Milky Way and Stargazing Tour of Bromo / Bromo Astrophotography, and Mentigen Sunset

After a look at the best waterfall in East Java, the team will drive you using 4WD or JEEP at 11.00 pm to the next location named Kingkong Hill. Make sure you use the thick short or jacket because the atmosphere is cold. The driver will bring you around 1 hour from your hotel to the Kingkong Hill to hunting Milky Way. In that place, you will see the beautiful of Bromo Mountain at night time and of course, it has no many people so that you can explore Mount Bromo freely.

In this location, you will easy to get Mount Bromo night tour or it calls Bromo stargazing. The interesting thing you can get through Mount Bromo milky way photography tour is you can look sunrise time in that mountain. You can see it through the area named Bromo Tengger. The next activity after enjoying it, the team will drive you to the next activity to drive down and cross the sea of Mount Bromo. In this way, you need to climb up more than 245 stairs to get to Mount Bromo’s peak. If you like hiking, this is the best activity you have to choose. After that, your trips will continue to the land named Savana Grass, and than Teletubis Hill, also the last visit is Whispering of Sand. the team will take you back to your hotel to take a rest and breakfast. In the afternoon, the team will drive you to see Bromo sunset.

Third-Day: Mount Penanjakan and Sunrise Tour until Drop Off

The next day in the early morning, the team will pick you up in the hotel and start to bring you to the point of view named Seruni. Seruni View Point is the famous place calls as Pananjakan Mountain 2. In this place, you can easy to hunting milky way. This is the second location you can choose. In this location, you can explore it based on your like and explore all of the things, especially about sunrise. You can explore it in a lot of time because our time will take you back to your hotel so that you can prepare yourself for breakfast. After that, at 11 o’clock, you can check out and your Mount Bromo milky way photography tour has ended.

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Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour