Mount Bromo Sunrise Papuma Beach And Ijen Crater Package 4 Days

December 15, 2019

Blue Fire and Beautiful Sunrise in Ijen Carter and Papuma Beach

You can join with mount Bromo sunrise Papuma beach and Ijen crater package that provides with the best destinations and tourism places in East Java, specifically. They spread in various places such as Jember, Banyuwangi and Probolinggo Regencies. All of them are so popular among visitors and travelers as well. You can enjoy the amazing views of blue fame or blue fire and beautiful sunrise along with the beach – do not forget with the crater lake in Ijen. You can visit Ijen Carter for the first visit which been known as the sulfuric crater lake and blue flame. There is also the scenery of traditional sulfur miners that you can see here and make you feel like they are kind of superheroes.

As the title above, your trip will continue to Papuma Beach with the white sand and clear water located in Jember District. On this beach, you can enjoy breathtaking sunrise at the top fo Papuma Hill for the best scenery and do not forget to capture this view in your camera. Then, you can visit Mount Bromo to be pleased with the wonderful sight of sunrise and Bromo Caldera View as well. Caldera includes a sea of sand, savanna, whispering sand and Teletubbies hills as well.

What’s more?

You should know that the combination of Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo was often heard by so many travelers from around the world as well. This is because of the stunning view of Mount Bromo and Ijen Carter become the favorite destinations of local and foreign visitors as well. However, you have to know that both of those places, there is Papuma Brach which also shows you with an incredible attraction that you can enjoy in a different way. As one of the most beautiful beaches in East Java, then it should be in your visiting bucket as well. It gives visitors an amazing impression to enjoy the surrounding.

To enjoy those three places they are Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, and Papuma Beach, then you do not have to worry at all. Since you can choose the travel packages to get the best combinations of popular destinations here, for example, you can go with mount Bromo sunrise Papuma beach and Ijen crater package as the exciting holiday package when you want to visit East Java. When you are interesting, then you can check it now.

Why do you go there?

You should know that East Java has so many attractive destinations among domestic and foreign travelers. They are mountains, volcanoes, rivers, and waterfalls. There are so many packages that offer you to visit three tourism objects such as Bromo Mountain, Papuma Beach and Ijen Crater. All of them were so popular among the travelers. No wonder that there are so many tourists who come to those destinations to enjoy their natural atmosphere and explore them all.

There are many packages offer you to visit Mount Bromo to see the sunrise and tour in Bromo at the same time. Then your trip will continue to Ijen Carter in Banyuwangi. Then the last destination is Papuma Beach in Jember Regency. This tour can be started from Surabaya or even Banyuwangi. You should know that its all depending on your personal orders and preferences as well. So, you can choose the best packages from tour providers based on your selections. You should not waste your time and money by choosing the wrong options.

What’s included in your mount Bromo sunrise Papuma beach and Ijen crater package?

Day 01 – pick up point or arrival from Surabaya

Well, the professional driver will pick you up com from International Airport of Juanda in Surabaya or your hotels in Surabaya then he brings you to Banyuwangi and it takes around 7 hours drive. Once you arrive in Banyuwangi Regency, then you will stay in a hotel to rest your body first and get excited the next day during your amazing trip here.

Day 02 – Papuma Beach to enjoy a beautiful sunrise

In the next morning, an experienced guide will bring you to sightseeing the amazing sunrise in a hill at Papuma. You have to hike to the top around 15 minutes to reach. Then you will see the sunrise and beach scenery at the same time. After you’ve done on a hill, then you will go to the beach to enjoy the panoramic there. After it, you can come back to your hotel in Banyuwangi and takes around 4 hours drive. Then you can take a rest for the next journey and leisure.

Day 03 – Ijen Carter

At 1 AM, then an experienced guide and driver will bring you to the Paltidung as the starting point of Ijen Crater. Come from Ranger Park post, then you will start to hike in the 2823 meters altitude. You will see the color of the lake is a bit of mystical and the mist blows up from the sulfur deposits to make a yellow landscape at the bottom.

As mentioned before that you will see traditional sulfur miners here who can bring around 80 kilograms of sulfur in their wooden baskets in their shoulders. After you exploring Ijen Calter, then you will go back to Banyuwangi for breakfast and ready to check out, then you will head directly to Bromo Mountain around 6 to 7 hours including stop hours to get lunch in local restaurants. Once you arrive, you can stay in Lava View Lodge or Bromo Permai where the locations facing the volcanoes around Tengger Area for your pleasing stay.

Day 04 – Pananjakan Bromo Sunrise – Surabaya

At 3 AM, a jeep brings you to the most popular viewpoint in Pananjakan Mountain to watching the amazing sunrise along with Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo as the background. They are so beautiful and you can see the breathtaking scenery underneath along with the frozen mist. Then your trip continues to the volcano of Mount Bromo. After it, your package was over, the driver brings you back to the hotel for breakfast, packing and ahead to Surabaya. There are so many packages that you can choose in mount Bromo sunrise Papuma beach and Ijen crater package.

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Mount Bromo Sunrise Papuma Beach And Ijen Crater Package 4 Days