Mount Bromo Tour Package

February 3, 2020

Mount Bromo Tour Package

There are hundreds of Mount Bromo tour packages that will interest you. However, the only one which will give you the best experience for your vacation to Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is situated in East Java. Thus, if you are an international tourist or domestic tourist who come from other islands of Indonesia, you need to take a flight to Juanda International Airport. 

After landing at Juanda International Airport, you can select whether you want to be directly picked up by the travel agent or you want to go to your hotel in Surabaya. If you prefer to go and enjoy Surabaya first, you can stay in your hotel in Surabaya for one night and then ask the driver of the travel agent to pick you up tomorrow at your hotel in Surabaya. You need to communicate your itinerary with the travel agent so that you will not misunderstand the schedule. After you arrive in Surabaya, the experienced driver with his private car and full AC from the travel agent will drive you to the hotel which is located near Mount Bromo. There are three options of hotels from which you can choose one of them, and they are Lava View Lodge, Bromo Permai 1, or Cafe Lava Hotel. You will stay in this hotel for one night.

The package that you are choosing already includes the tax and service. So, do not worry about the charge of the services you get from the travel agent. After taking a rest for one night at the hotel close to Mount Bromo, on the very early morning, probably around 3 am, a 4WD jeep will pick you up and drive you to the world’s most famous viewpoint of Mount Bromo sunrise, that is at Mount Penanjakan. Here, you can take a photograph of the dawn like what other people usually do when they already reach this viewpoint. The background of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru when the morning is taking place is very fascinating. The tourists like you will not get disappointed by this breathtaking view in front of you. You will get amazed by the scenery you see right now. Afterward, the journey is continued to Mount Bromo. Usually, you can ride a horse in the area near the caldera of Mount Bromo. It depends on the weather and condition of the Bromo volcano itself. When the volcano condition is stable, the authority will let you take a horse ride near the caldera, but if Bromo volcano shows a sign of warning alert, the local authority will not let you get close to the caldera to protect you from the danger of volcanic eruption. If you are a foreign tourist and do not know anything about the Indonesian language, the travel agent will hire you an English local guide who will guide you through your journey in Mount Bromo.

Well, after exploring the area near Mount Bromo, you have to go back to the hotel using the jeep again. At the hotel, you still have a free breakfast from the hotel that you can have. After having breakfast at the hotel, you can start to take a shower and begin to pack your goods to go back home. The driver from the travel agent will wait for you when you are packing your luggage. After everything has been set up, the driver will drive you to Surabaya and let you choose whether you want to be dropped in an airport or a hotel in Surabaya. If you do not have any plans after exploring Mount Bromo, you can request to be driven to the airport. But if you still have time to enjoy your time in Surabaya, you can book a hotel in Surabaya and ask the driver to drop you in front of the hotel you will stay in. 

Everything you need for the trip to Mount Bromo has included the Mount Bromo package, except the lunch and dinner, personal expenses (like souvenirs and so on), and also travel insurance. Thus, you have to be prepared about this if anything terrible happens in your journey to Mount Bromo. Enjoy your vacation to Mount Bromo then!

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Mount Bromo Tour Package