Mount Raung Indonesia – Everything You Need To Know Before Climbing

December 22, 2019

Indonesia offers nearly limitless options when it comes to adventure to conquer high mountains. This is because the country lies on Pacific “ring of fire”, making it has a lot of active volcanoes and one of them is Mount Raung. The mount is very popular among tourists for its volcano trekking path. The trail offered is tempting for those who are seeking adventure wherever they go. It is a less-climbed mountain if compared to other volcanoes in Indonesia. This is because the volcano comes with one of the most challenging tracks in the country. Find out all of the things you need to know before deciding to climb Mount Raung Indonesia.

Mount Raung – Short Description

Mount Raung is located in East Java, Indonesia, not too far from the famous Mount Ijen. Both of the mountains lay on the same volcanic complex and caldera. Due to the difficult track to beat, the mountain is considered to be one of the least-climbed volcanoes in the country. The caldera of the mountain is about 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) in width while the dimensions reach 750 m x 2.250 m. Climbing the mountain, you will find active smokes within the graying grim. However, the rim comes with a variety of colors depending on the volcanic activity of Mount Raung.

Mount Raung Indonesia lies on the 10.932 feet above the sea level. Meanwhile, the height of the volcano reaches 3.332 meters, making the highest volcano in the volcano cluster where the mountain is located. Along the way to the top of the Mount Raung, you will find a scenic view of forestations and plantations. This is because the valleys that lay between Mount Raung and Mount Ijen have fertile soil to support the agriculture aspect of the region. The mount also comes with centers located on its NE and SW lines. This is the same line where the stratovolcanoes of Mount Gadung and Mount Suket are also found.

Mount Raung was recorded to erupt for the first time in 1586 and several eruptions occurred until 1817, five of them were described deadly. The eruption of Mount Raung occurred in the modern era was in July 2015. The last eruption made people lived around the mountain area had to be evacuated and the airport needed to shut down flights. However, the eruptions make the areas around Mount Raung has ash-enriched soil that is good for agriculture. Ther tropical rainforest of the mountain is quite old but the view and fresh air offered are unbeatable.

How to Get to Mount Raung

There are two popular climbing routes to take if you want to go to Mount Raung Indonesia. You can reach the mountain through Sumberwringin Village on the northern part of the mountain. As an alternative, you can also start your journey from Kalibaru to take you to the mountain. The Sumberwring Village can be accessed from Bondowoso, the closest city to the mountain. Meanwhile, Kalibaru is located between Jember and Banyuwangi. The later is one of the shortest routes to get to Mount Raung if you start your trip from Bali. This is because Gilimanuk port in Bali provides ferries to take you to Ketapang Port in Banyuwangi.

The Best Time to Go to Mount Raung

Mount Raung is likely to open for year around for tourists to have climbing activities there. However, there are a few things you need to put into consideration before setting up your schedule to climb the mountain. You need to keep in mind that Indonesia where the mountain lies have two main seasons, the dry and rainy season. The country usually enters the dry season from April to October. Meanwhile, the raindrops will occur frequently from November to March. Thus, the best time to climb Mount Raung is from April to October when the weather is nice.

There will be a lot of sunshine in the dry season, making it easier for you to climb Mount Raung Indonesia. However, the temperature could be very high during the season. So, make sure that you prepare your stamina and supplies before hiking. The trekking path could be dangerous during the rainy season. With frequent raindrops, the path will be slippery and the vision distant is also limited. Additionally, the temperature could suddenly drop and the air is so chill. So, make sure that you schedule your climbing activity in the rightest season. This is to ensure that your adventure in Mount Raung can be done smoothly.

How Much Does It Cost?

The entrance cost to Mount Raung Indonesia is relatively low. However, there is a different rate used for domestic tourists and foreign tourists. For local tourists, they only need to pay about 35,000 IDR to get into permission to climb the mountain. Meanwhile, the permission cost set up for foreign tourists is a bit higher. They have to pay 75,000 IDR to be allowed to climb Mount Raung. There are many hotels and homestays you can find in Bondowoso and Sumberwringing Village. They come with a relatively affordable price and the services as well as the facilities provided are not disappointing.

With or Without Guide?

Nothing will force you to climb Mount Raung with the help of a guide, especially if you are an experienced hiker. However, it is always good to have a guide beside you to climb the mountain since you will have no idea what you are going to find along your way to reach the top of the volcano. Moreover, the is rare to climb by tourists. You will have peace of mind with somebody who knows well the trek to accompany you. Additionally, the path on the south side of Mount Raung Indonesia is also considered very technical. The path is claimed to be one of the hardest treks to complete. Only experienced hikers with good skills to be able to climb it. There will be roped climbing sections that the hikers should pass. Also, it is very hard to find the right trek in the coffee plantations. In this way, it would be a good idea to have a guide to show you the way.

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