Red Island Surf Banyuwangi

January 11, 2016

pulau merah banyuwangi red island java

Red Island is a tourist beach located at the southern tip Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Having something unique in the form of a small mountain at the center of the beach that color is red soil, because it was called the red island beach. On the east coast there are mountains, which is said to have hidden natural wealth. To the south of the island we can enjoy the beautiful sunset in the afternoon. Approximately 50 meters to the west of the port there is a fairly large fish auction. Pancer Beach in 1996 never happened enormous natural disaster that is the tsunami, many coastal residents who are victims of the red island because of it. But now the beauty of the coast of the island returning to a normal red with his trademark is probably the only one in Banyuwangi.

This is a spectacular beachside village located a little further west around the southern peninsula from Grajagan. The area has only recently been noticed by the surfing community, producing some excellent wave action May through October, on a predictable shore break. Excellent break for the intermediate board surfer, body border or body surfer. Possibly the most beautiful beach area in Indonesia, Red Island is lush with coconut palms, sugar, bananas and is blessed with crystal clear water and white sand. Resort development is about to begin and Red Island is sure to become a hot spot honeymoon or surfing holiday destination. The island is easily accessible by air from Bali or Surabaya.

The Island has taken from the originally name of the surf spot that we found in Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia. The local knowledge calls it Pulau Merah (Red Island) and about 3 hours from Bali Island or about 6 hours from Denpasar Airport (Kuta). You can drive to West of Bali for about three hours, crossing Bali strait for one hour and another 2 hour is driving to the Red Island Surf spot Camp in Banyuwangi, East Java.

Once you are there, don’t ever think to go to the night club or discotheque, or get something glamour like in the City. Explore unspoiled long beaches with white and glassy sand beach. Surrounded by palm trees and green belt of mountain which make your feeling will be like in the lost of paradise island. The surf condition is all year season with nice glassy beach breaks for you to explore. The wave condition is perfect for beginner, intermediate and advance.

Another activity that you can do in A Red Island surf adventures is snorkeling. You can explore the lost paradise island by the traditional boat. Those who love fishing can hire a traditional boat you will catch many kind of fish as many as you can. Come and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Red Island with your family, for a weekend or an excursion.

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