Surabaya Airport To Bromo

March 31, 2018

Surabaya Airport to Bromo : How to Reach the Mountain from Surabaya Airport

East Java Province in Indonesia offers many interesting tourist attractions for people, one of them is Mt. Bromo. This legendary mountain is so unique and beautiful. The unusual and exotic landscape of the mountain offers you different tourism experience that you can’t forget. The nearest airport from the mountain is located in Surabaya, the capital city of East Java. If you want to reach the mountain from the city, here is Surabaya Airport to Bromo Mountain travel guide for you.

About Mount Bromo

bromo sunrise penanjakan bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the legendary mountains in Indonesia. Located in Probolinggo, East Java, the mountain is the most famous tourist destination in the region. Not only the unique and beautiful scenery offered, the legend that comes with the mountain makes it very popular among local and foreign tourists. It is said that a long time ago there lived a princess named Rara Anteng and a prince, Joko Seger who lived in Mount Bromo. The couple had been married for a long time but they didn’t have a child. One day, they prayed to God Brahma (Bromo) begged for a child. The god granted their wish with a condition that they had to sacrifice their last child. The finally had children. But when it came the time for them to sacrifice their last child, they refused. The god was angry and Mount Bromo erupted. To help the people lived around the mountain, the last child sacrificed himself by his own will and the eruption ended instantly. To honor the sacrifice of the last child, people around the mountain held Tengger Festival annually. This festival becomes an interesting tourist attraction that attracts thousands of tourists to visit the mountain each year. Moreover, the sand desert covered the mountain area is so tempting to explore, either it is on foot, by riding horse or hardtop. One thing that also attracts many tourists is seeing the sunrise from the top of the mountain.

Get to Mount Bromo from Surabaya Airport

Surabaya Airport is the ideal place to start your journey to reach Mount Bromo. Though there is another local airport located in Malang city, but the one in Surabaya is the nearest. So, how to reach Mount Bromo from Surabaya Airport? Well, there are three models of transportation you can take, they are:

1. Taxi

You can take a taxi to get to Mount Bromo from Surabaya Airport. There are a lot of taxis available in the airport to opt. But it will require higher cost since the location of the mountain is quite far from Surabaya.

2. Car Rental

The next alternative is renting the car to get to the mountain. This is more practical especially if you want to easily explore the mountain and the other tourism objects around it.

3. Bus

Though it sounds less practical, but taking the bus from Surabaya Airport to reach Mount Bromo is one of the best alternatives, especially if you only have the low budget for your holiday. It takes about 3 hours to reach the mountain by bus. Moreover, it is much cheaper. You will only need to pay less than Rp50.000 to reach the destination.

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