The Beauty Of Bromo Mountain As The Fantastic Volcano

October 19, 2019

The Beauty of Bromo Mountain As The Fantactic Volcano

Mount Bromo is an active volcano and the most famous one in East Java in which it has the crowded visit of tourists every year. Though it is still an active volcano, you shouldn’t get worried because it offers some beauties making you forget that it is a volcano. Bromo Mountain as the fantactic volcano offers some amazing spots to visit. Let’s reveal it.

The History of Mount Bromo As Volcano

Bromo Mountain has a high of 2.392 above sea level located in four regions, Probolinggo, Lumajang, Malang, and Pasuruan. The natural condition of Mount Bromo is connected to a hill, caldera, or sand sea. Mount Bromo includes being a spot in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in which it has some tourists’ objects to visit such as Mount Semeru, Tengger, Batok, some lakes, and Bromo.

To be an active volcano, Mount Bromo has a regular time eruption in 20 decades in which it happens once in 30 years. The biggest eruption happened in 1974. Despite having its eruption, Bromo Mountain as the fantactic volcano saves some natural beauties making it be the first destination for tourists. You can also see some tradition ceremonies held and celebrated in Mount Bromo area.

The Beautiful Spots’ Exploration in Mount Bromo

You will see some beautiful spots while visiting Mount Bromo.

Sand Sea

Sand Sea located at the foot of Mount Bromo has a width of 10 kilometers square. You can rent a jeep to save your energy because it is very wide. Then, in half of your trip, you can rent a horse available by Tengger people. While walking, you need to explore a sand sea because the jeep is only picking you up in a statue of a danger radius sign.

Pananjakan Mountain Peak

The next spot is Pananjakan Mountain. The tourists coming to Mount Bromo usually come and stay in the night and early morning to Mount Bromo to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. The tourists usually gather in the peak of Pananjakan Mountain at the west of Mount Bromo. It is the highest peak in the location in which you can see the surroundings of Mount Bromo.

Teletubbies Hill

From the far, you can see Mountain Bromo because you will see a wide sand sea and caldera. However, it looks boring so you should find a Savana view. In the area of Mount Bromo, you can find Teletubbies Hill in which it is a wide savanna located in the east of mountain area. You can visit it with the available tour package.

Berbisik Sand

The last spot is Berbisik Sand. It is getting famous for being a film title in Indonesia. The location is very beautiful in which you will be accompanied by the wind blow touching sand surface so that it makes noise. For the people holding a pre-wedding, it can be a good spot to do. Here are some beautiful spots to explore in Bromo Mountain as the fantactic volcano.