The Best Time To Travel To Ijen Crater In Banyuwangi

November 28, 2022

Have you decided to visit East Java for your next trip? That is a good decision. East Java has many beautiful places where you can get different and unique trip experiences. One of them is Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi, East Java.

What is Ijen Crater?

Ijen Crater is one of the most popular trip destinations in Banyuwangi, East Java. As its name implies, this place is a crater of a mountain. And, the mount we are talking about here is Mount Ijen. What makes it popular?

Ijen Crater offers one of the most beautiful natural scenery on its summit. Some people even say that you can’t find scenery as beautiful as the scenery in this crater, elsewhere. Try to visit this place in fine weather. Guaranteed, you will be awed by how beautiful the scenery is.

Mount Ijen, the mountain where you can find Ijen Crater, is located on the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. It is in the eastern part of Java Island. However, you don’t have to worry about how to go there. The Indonesian government has built a proper and very good infrastructure and facilities that allow tourists to visit Mount Ijen by car.

The starting point where tourists start climbing Mount Ijen climbing to reach the crater is the Paltuding area. Mount Ijen is around 2,400 meters above sea level. From this area, you will need to climb that high to visit the crater. It will take around 1.5 hours of climbing. It is not that difficult because the hiking path is considered a beginner-level course.

At the top of the crater, you can see beautiful scenery. The huge caldera in this place holds a beautiful green and bluish lake. The crater itself is 200 meters deep. Moreover, the temperature at the bottom of the crater can easily reach 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees F).

The bottom of the crater is rich in various minerals, especially sulfur. Therefore, the locals also changed the crater into a sulfur mine. Many of them work here, mine sulfur every day, and it is the standard profession for locals.

In short, Ijen Crater is one of the places that have beautiful scenery and adventure you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. However, if you want to experience all those unique things, you should visit Ijen Crater at the right time. Below, we have several tips you can try for your trip to Ijen Crater.

The Best Time to Visit Ijen Crater

We have chosen the three best times when you can get the best experience in Ijen Crater. Here are the three best times to visit Mount Ijen and climb to enjoy its crater. 

Avoid Weekends or Long Holiday 

The weekend or long holiday is the peak season of Ijen Crater. Many people visit this place, so it is not surprising if you find a huge crowd of local tourists here. That is not the best choice if you want to get the best relaxation and free time enjoying this beautiful natural phenomenon. 

So, try to choose a time other than that. Avoid big holidays in Indonesia, like religious holidays, national holidays, or the end of the semester. Tourists will use that time to enjoy this place. Try to go here on weekdays. At that time, the number of people that go to this place is fewer. You can relax and comfortably climb the mountain, enjoy the sunrise at the top of the crater, and do many things freely.

Between December and January

As for the best month to visit Ijen Crater, we have two options here. The first one is between December and January, especially at the end of December. During this period, the fog intensity is the lowest. You will get the best visual, which helps you to climb faster and easier. Of course, without thicker fog hanging around the crater, you will be able to see the whole scenery of this crater, including the famous blue flame and Ijen Crater Lake. It is breathtaking.

However, this period is mostly a rainy season in Indonesia. Due to global warming, the rain could pour without warning. Therefore, you should have enough preparation for climbing this season. Wear a proper outfit and hiking equipment, prepare your physical condition, and follow the guide’s instructions to avoid any accidents.

Between July and September

The other option is the period between July and September. If you don’t like the rainy season, you can choose this period for a trip to Mount Ijen. This period is the dry season in Indonesia, which is the favorite time for many climbers to visit Ijen Crater. The dry climbing path also makes the climbing feel much easier and lighter. If you have good health, we believe you won’t have any difficulty climbing and getting to the top of Mount Ijen.

Final Words

Choosing the best time is not the only thing for you to enjoy the scenery better. It also helps you to avoid many problems and lower the risk of accidents during your Mount Ijen climbing. So, make sure you consult this matter with the travel agency you use. You can travel along here, which is doable. But, we recommend you use the travel agency service because they have everything you need to enjoy Ijen Crater. They also assist you in experiencing the best trip to the top of Mount Ijen. Have the best adventure!